KS editor
by Erwin Petter

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You may distribute and copy this software freely. It cannot be sold or bundled with any commercial package without permission of the author.

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Last Updated: 1994-07-16
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Software Description

Sound editor/sysex utility for the Ensoniq KS32 synth.

This is a sysex-utility for the KS32 which uses the multimedia-extensions of Windows. A simple editor for editing banks and sounds is included. The program should work with all midi-equipment that has a Windows-driver. With my Pro Audio 16 sound card everything worked well.

The Program should also work with the SQ1 or SQ2 as they are compatible.

The screen was designed for a standard VGA 640x480 using the standard VGA driver because that is the screen that most PC-users have.

The program can read files (sequences, banks and sounds) and send them to your KS. It can receive sequences, sounds and banks from your KS and save them to disk. Receiving is done by request, so you don't have to press any button on your KS.

In the program you can edit a standard sound. Drumsound editing is not implemented yet. You should be able though, to edit the effect included with the drumsound.

This program was written in Borland Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5

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Are you looking for an owner's manual for the Ensoniq KS-32?

I have one that I got online, but it's in GERMAN! If it's any help try to google the following: KS 32 Manual in Deutsch Manualks32_d
If that doesn't work, tell me and I'll e-mail it to you. -Guy

manual KS32

Hello,the link of the deutch manual don't works,ca, i have the manual from you on email. rudolf.hruza@telenet.be

Much apriciated ,thanks.

Kind regards.




KS 32 Manual

I would like to beg you for information on getting a KS 32 manual. I bought one from a person who didnt have it. No one can sell me one or give me info. Please if you have advice let me know.

Re: KS 32 Manual

I have one if you want a copy you would have to pay all expenses associated with copying and shipping! I dont own a scanner although the local print shop might scan and email you, one you pay!

Re: KS 32 Manual

Give me a ring. I have one available.

Re: KS 32 Manual

Well I'm in the identical situation and searching around for the manual. I found one for sale for $24 on the Syntaur.com website. They now own Ensoniq and a bunch of other manufactureres But i'd like to find one for free if possible. If you have any luck or already have a manual I would pay you for copies and shipping

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