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Last Updated: 2004-06-01
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Software Description

An awesome virtual piano that lets your kids experiment with music; they can even change the instruments! Kid Create’s piano is just like a real piano. You press the keys, and it makes a specific sound. But, our piano is special - it not only plays piano, but also many other instruments including a music box, vibraphone, organ, dulcimer, harpsichord, and tons of others! With a variety of musical instruments to play, your child will discover a wide-range of sounds and tones.

Of course, you can always limit the use of the piano in your parent settings to make sure that your kids focus on their work.

You can also control the piano by pressing different keys on your computer’s keyboard. With a little practice, you could be the next Mozart!

Recommended Ages: Grades K-8

Also includes kid-friendly tools to Draw, Paint, Write, Flashcards, Make Music, Games, Notes, and more. There's even a Calculator and kid-safe filtered Dictionary to help them with homework.

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