Komplexer v1.010
by TerraTec
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Operating System:
File Size: 6.3 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: EUR 199,00

System Requirements:

You can use this plug-in stand-alone or in any VST-compatible host-software, which is supporting Steinbergs VSTi standard.

Last Updated: 2006-10-19
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

With virtual analog and wavetable synthesis, the KOMPLEXER VST synthesizer sets new standards for VSTi instruments. Featuring classic synth sound powered by 5 oscillators, 2 multimode filters, 4 ADSDSR envelopes and 3 LFOs, the KOMPLEXER VST plays in the premier league of VST instruments. Its ability to import Waldorf microQ® sounds underscores the KOMPLEXER VST’s status as an exceptional sound-sculpting engine.

Courtesy of the application’s groundbreaking macro controllers, presets can be modified to suit every taste using just eight parameters, an improvement in handling ease that not only newbies will welcome. Power users naturally also have unrestricted access to all of the sophisticated synthesis engine’s 400 parameters.

Features such as the advanced arpeggiator and LFO 3’s synchronizable user-specific waveform serve to create striking soundscapes that adapt automatically to the given song tempo. With KOMPLEXER VST, a further legendary, professional synthesizer is now available in any VSTi-compatible software.

Thanks to its seamless integration into VST environments, the KOMPLEXER VST offers a further range of practical features such as full automation.

Naturally, the KOMPLEXER VST can also be used in standalone mode, without VST host software.

Enrich your musical expression with the groundbreaking sounds of the KOMPLEXER VST!


  • Virtual analog synthesizer for Windows
  • Legendary sound
  • Up to five oscillators per voice with sync and ring modulation
  • Additional wavetable synthesis
  • Imports Waldorf microQ® sounds
  • Eight macro controllers
  • Up to 256 voices
  • Unrestricted access to the sound synthesis engine
  • Two multimode filters (8 types, including comb filter)
  • Flexible modulation matrix
  • Four ADSDSR envelopes
  • Three LFOs (LFO3 with user waveform)
  • Extensive arpeggiator functions with user pattern
  • Five effect units offering delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion
  • Full automation support, controllable via MIDI controller
  • VST plug-in for Windows 98, 2000, XP (32/64)
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