Korg Z1 Editor 2004 1.5
by Ian Clark
(Ian Clark Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.78 MB
License Conditions:

Free use for 28 days after which you are invited to register for just $29

System Requirements:

Minimum 32MB RAM, MIDI In and OUT

Last Updated: 2005-01-28
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

The Korg Z1 Editor is no longer available for Download

The Korg Z1 Editor 2004 is a Windows (95/98/ME/XP) program for the superb Korg Z1 synthesizer. The latest version of the program (Jan 28 2005), with Sound Show, Super Find, Bulk Import and new slider controls for every parameter, can be downloaded free for a 28-day evaluation.

The program provides comprehensive facilities for creating, editing, organizing and storing patches. All parameters can be accessed quickly and easily, helped by many handy features. These include back/forward buttons, a favourites panel, undo/default and graphic tools for displaying and editing all 5 EGs.
The program can produce a complete bank of patches from a single patch in different ways (random or incremental). It has powerful and convenient facilities for merging one patch into another.

The program has unique facilities for moving groups of patches within banks and between banks with a single click, and can sort an entire bank in a variety of different ways.

The program has a full range of facilities for editing multisets and multi banks, and can "remap" them to keep them in step with main patch bank changes.

The program has really useful facilities for creating and editing arpeggiator patterns, including block copying with different modes (normal, reverse and rotation). Patterns can easily be transferred to and from the arpeggiator bank.

All of the above have the standard send/receive/open/save facilities, which include useful checks on data sizes and automatic naming. These facilities are also available for Global, MIDI, All Data, All Program and All Multi.

The program contains utilities for printing and saving lists of patches in each bank, multi bank or multiset and lists of parameter names and values.

The program contains full help facilities.

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Korg Z1 editor 2004

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