Kratos Maximizer 1.0.9
by Kuassa
(Kuassa Website)

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File Size: 7.7 MB
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Evaluation will have silence every 40 seconds. Registration: $69.95

System Requirements:

VST host application

Last Updated: 2012-11-05
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Software Description

Kratos Maximizer is a dynamic processing VST plugin, it is a mastering grade, transparent brick wall limiter and a loudness maximizer.

Simply employ it on the master channel to get preferred loudness of mix without distorting other aspects of your music production. Kratos Maximizer has a simple control for the loudness level through the Maximize knob, while advanced users can go deeper with controls for Release, Texture, Ceiling and Knee.

Kuassa's Kratos Maximizer was designed to get the best loudness without sacrificing the original dynamics and color of a mix.


  • 12 preset slots available.
  • 5 parameters for in depth control: Texture, Maximize, Ceiling, Release, and Knee.
  • Can apply Mono and Stereo.
  • Up to 96 kHz Sample Rate.
  • Small and simple user interface.

    Changes in v1.0.9

    • 64-bit support.
    • Uses newer VSTGUI engine.
    • License name error handler added.
    • Noise on empty signal fixed.
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