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Totally free. For details, see its EULA.

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Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

Last Updated: 2005-07-16
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Software Description


This utility was made when Nullsoft had first released Winamp 5, that at the time of writing this document lacked the support for b4s playlists, however Winamp 3 supported those. When changing from Winamp 2 to Winamp 3, I have re-saved many of my good and old m3u playlists in b4s format and created the new ones only in b4s since Winamp 3 seemed to prefer that format over b4s. Nullsoft said b4s support will be enabled soon, however I couldn't wait for testing Winamp 5 and I wanted to have all my b4s playlist to be in m3u. Therefore I have wrote this application that makes this conversion.


Despite the above-mentioned specific goal, veeXChange supports conversion of m3u playlist back to b4s (yeah, I look ahead, what if b4s will be re-enabled, but all my new playlist will be m3u files?). Moreover, its flexible architecture makes it possible to easily add support for more type of playlists upon demand and also the ability to convert playlist to HTML files.

You can perform batch conversions (or mass conversions) in veeXChange meaning that you only need to select the top level folder or folders of your playlist files, select which type of playlists in those folders and their subfolders to convert and to convert to what and you can sit back. All your files will be converted in a single step. You can choose, however, to convert only one file at a time but for mp3-mads having thousands of playlists hardly this will be a good choice.

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