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Pentium 150 or higher, 24 Mg RAM or higher

Last Updated: 2002-05-01
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Software Description

On many occasions, independent musicians find a way to record, mix and produce high quality works with tools that are affordable and professional. This program is aimed to deliver similar services in the area of mastering. Go your own way and master your singles, remixes and demos. Have an offer to get your song played on radio but cannot spend hundreds of dollars to make it sound competitive with other radio plays?

Give your sound a mastering treatment it deserves.

The power of "L'S.A.M.P." is in your hands!

Education related institutions and organizations.
The concept of compressors in general and mastering in particular represents a stumbling block for many students who aim at understanding audio production. Simple and effective interface bundled together with comprehensive functionality makes the program an ideal tool for mastering this knowledge via both platforms: theoretical (comprehensive and simple online manuals for the program) and practical (the ability to experience and experiment with different concepts in an easy-to-use environment). Learn and understand compression, equalization and mastering - all in real time!

Recording engineers and producers.
Every professional mastering engineer will tell you that each audio processing device is different and unique, that each compressor will sound like no other. It is therefore a good idea to keep an extended collection of audio tools... This program, having at times quite different approaches in signal treatment together with planned new features for mastering, is the ideal candidate for expanding such a collection.

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lsamp is now donationware


Need MP3 Mastering

I promote for over 300 artists online and I'm currently looking for someone able to master my clients mp3s at an affordable price.

Holla Back,

Lil' Dee of Platinum Plus


Wow, I've been visiting this site for a very long time, and have also been a recipient of your E-mail since you started E-mailing. Now, you are charging membership fees? Should'nt you give all of the veterans a free membership?!?

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