LetturaNotePro v2.7.3
by Eugenio Pramotton
(Eugenio Pramotton Website)

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Unlimited trial version with disabled features. Registration: EUR 8.00

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Last Updated: 2007-01-04
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The program offer a help on the following fields:Reading notes, Learning instruments and Ear training.

Reading Notes

  • The program displays and plays a random note which you will have to recognize.
  • You can scale the exercise difficulty by choosing any interval in treble clef, bass clef or in both clefs. The maximum wideness of the interval is of 5 octaves.
  • You can choose the English (C, D, E ...) as well as the Latin notation (DO, RE, MI ...).
  • You can see the name of the displayed random note.

Learning Instruments

  • The program can store and play the score you are studying; the music can then be played continously and at different speeds
  • You can also store a set of bookmarks pointing at a group of measures or a group of notes. This enables you to learn step by step, or to focus on critical measures
  • You can store up to 4 voices. For each voice you can choose its instrument, adjust its volume, play it step by step and modify the notes
  • You can save the music in any folder of your computer and you can recall it at a later time.
  • A metronome, with an adjustable volume, can be inserted during the music execution and you can choose the beginning of the beat if the measure is incomplete.
  • You can transpose the momorized music up or down.
  • There is an exercise to recognize the keys of the piano.

Training Of The Ear

  • Pitch Training Of The Ear
  • Interval Training Of The Ear
  • Chord Training Of The Ear
  • Tonality Training Of The Ear
  • You can display or hide the correct answer for each exercise
  • For each exercise can scale its difficulty.
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