LilyPond v2.19.11
by Han-Wen Nienhuys and Jan Nieuwenhuizen.
(Han-Wen Nienhuys and Jan Nieuwenhuizen. Website)

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Licensed under GNU General Public License.

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Last Updated: 2014-08-04
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Software Description

LilyPond is a program which converts music definition files into visual or auditive output: it can typeset formatted sheet music to a TeX file and (mechanical) performances to MIDI files. Features include multiple staffs, meters, clefs, keys, lyrics, versatile input-language, cadenzas beams, slurs and triplets.

Changes in v2.19.11

  • Various enhancements
  • Work in progress version
  • Some new features may be incomplete

Changes in v2.18

  • Adjusted item positioning using their actual outline rather than a rectangular bounding box.
  • Sets and overrides can now use the syntax \override Voice.TextSpanner.bound-details.left.text = "rit."
  • Triplets with a given group length can now be written as \tuplet 3/2 4 { c8 c c c c c }

Changes in v2.17.14

  • Put span bars back where they should be
  • Various enhancements
  • More bugfixes

Changes in v2.17.11.

  • Various bugfixes and enhancements
  • Some new features that are work in progress
  • Stable version is 2.16

Changes in v2.15.42.

  • Maintenance update with bugfixes

Changes in v2.15.40.

  • Various bugfixes
  • Critical bug fixes
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