Liquid Saxophone v1.1.0.7
by ueberschall
(ueberschall Website)

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Windows 98SE,XP, 512 MB RAM minimum, Pentium 800 MHz minimum - Host.

Last Updated: 2006-06-02
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Software Description

The L.I.S. saxophone edition contains a great range of styles played on baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones. We have included styles such as: smooth 50 s bar-jazz, swing, bebop, hardbop, boogaloo, soulful 60 s riffs, funky 70 s licks, smoky bossa novas, latin brazil styles, dirty rock phrases, 80 s pop, 90 s acid jazz, nu jazz and many more.

Fed up with the limitations of using sampled musical lines and phrases?
Here comes something new and exciting: ueberschall's Liquid Instrument Series (L.I.S.). In close cooperation with Celemony ( Melodyne ) we have developed this hot new tool. L.I.S. offers you a whole new array of features to control and redo sampled material. Make your selected phrase sound the way you want it to! Enter a new world of music technology! L.I.S. opens up unimagined ways of controlling existing musical phases in realtime.

Parameters such as single note pitches, formants, note lengths, scales, tempo, start and endings can now be edited easily and directly to suit your arrangement. Quick and simple access, just like having the studio musician right next to you, responding to your desires in expression and phrasing. Unchanged high-quality sound even after intense processing. In this combination of first-class samples with the unique Melodyne functions you can create countless variations - from simple licks and phrases to complete solo lines.

In this new product series we employ only the best musicians, using high-end studio equipment to achieve state of the art sound quality. No additional effects e.g. compression or any other processors have been used in ueberschall‘s Liquid Instrument Series (L.I.S.) to ensure the purest results possible, thus giving you timeless and inspiring material to work with.


  • control audio material as simply as midi data
  • change notes within the phrase
  • adapt tempo and key
  • select from a wide range of musical scales
  • control all parameters in realtime
  • pre-screening with adapted pitch and tempo
  • easily generate your individual setup
  • high quality Melodyne technology
  • multiple content management
  • edit start and ending
  • quick sound browser
  • all parameters midi controllable
  • sync to host
  • great bandwidth of styles
  • highest quality recording equipment
  • played by the best studio musicians.
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