Little Psychedelic Eye VJ
by Little Psychedelic Team
(Little Psychedelic Team Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.22 MB
License Conditions:

Free us for 60 days, after which a registering prompt appears randomly. Registration Fee: US$15.90 or Euros 14.90

System Requirements:

OpenGL 3D Video Card (GeForce...) & DirectX 8 at least

Last Updated: 2003-03-21
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Little Psychedelic Eye VJ is an interactive realtime video animation software and 3D effects. Little Psychedelic Eye (LPE) VJ is a visual mixing software aimed at professionals and non-professional combining great visual effects with an interface ranging form easy handling to complex parameters settings so as to suit every need !

You can use LPE VJ in many ways, depending on what type of user you are, it has been designed to provide a simple interface that can become extremely powerful when exploring further features. A typical LPE Scene consists of Landscapes (no limitation in number). Each Landscape contains as many Primitives as desired, everything being enslaved to a beat (or one of its multiples) that you can control with a manul tap. The working area presents the tree of your scene, available textures, properties of primitives and a preview screen. You have real time control of camera angle, position and focus.

Shortcuts are assignable to every pattern. Each Primitive has several attributes such as Texturing, Size, Mesh, Colors, Shading, Motion... Those attributes own several properties, each of it being assignable to one or more patterns. For instance you can set patterns : to loop a texture between a set of it, to control a motion parameter, to control the size of a tunnel, to modify a texture's anchor point, to change the number of particles dynamically... Textures can be either pictures or videos, the power of LPE being that they are treated the same way.You can set a color to be transparent and easily obtain incredible visual effects !

Among LPE next versions' features will be : multi video card support for more flexibility ; real-time video input stream as texture ; improved user interface in terms of appearance and ergonomy ; MIDI remote control with full customization...

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