by Pascal Meunier

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File Size: 46 K
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Requires BeOS version: PR

Last Updated: 1998-01-14
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Software Description


  • -The amplitudes and frequencies are now controlled logarithmically by sliders, since this is how the human ear works.
  • -The "/10" checkbox was changed to a "/20" to give you better control over frequencies.
  • -The frequency range was extended to 22KHz, and although it may be debatable whether the output is a sine wave at high frequencies, the human ear hears only the fundamental harmonic, so it is OK.
  • - The program actually calculates cosines now, so that when the phase is reset to zero, the output starts at 1, just so that at 22 KHz, it is a sequence of 1, -1, 1, -1 that is output instead of the 0, 0, 0, 0... that the sines would have generated.
  • - Previously, if the sum of the amplitudes of the sine waves was greater than 1, unpleasant distortions could be heard (due to saturation). The code checks if the sum of the amplitudes is too high, and if so it normalizes it to 1.

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