Lyrics Finder
by Jørgen Sørensen
(Jørgen Sørensen Website)

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.Net Framework

Last Updated: 2008-03-10
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Software Description

Lyrics Finder detects and extracts lyrics from MIDI, Karaoke and XF files.The extracted lyrics can be edited, printed and saved to file. The program will analyze single files or all files in folders - optionally including any subfolders.

Additionally all textual data (e.g. Copyright) can be extracted; lyrics can be converted to lower case and syllables in the lyrics can be divided with a space.

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Works Great

Download from link "Denmark" above and install Microsoft Dot Net Framework 1.1 first then install and it works just fine...... found all the lyrics in my kar files right away...

download failure

I tried to download "Lyrics Finder v1.7" but it failed. Nothing happens. Any suggestions?

i am pazle very much please

i am pazle very much please help me now !

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