M185 Step Sequencer v1.6
by Defective Records Software
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Demo doesn't allow preset saving, and times out after 30 minutes.

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Last Updated: 2012-11-20
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Software Description

The M185 Step Sequencer is a MIDI-enabled recreation of RYK's hardware M185 step sequencer developed with the input of RYK himself! It reproduces almost all of the features of the hardware version, and adds many new ones as well. The hardware M185 was designed to work with Roland¹s classic 100M modular analog synth. This software version now opens up the unique capabilities of the sequencer, with its stage-specific gate modes and clock pulse count, to MIDI-enabled hardware and software synths.

Features include:

* Multi-stage step sequencer with stage-selectable gate modes
* Gate modes include Mute, Single, Multi and Hold
* Trill mode available when in Multi mode within a stage
* Polyphonic potential when using long Note Length values
* Each stage can be from 1 to 8 clock pulses in length
* Internal or MIDI clock control
* Built-in clock divide capability
* MIDI output to any hardware or software synth
* VST instrument hosting
* 16 preset slots for instant recall of parameters
* Presets can be saved to and loaded from disk

Check the web site for more info, downloadable demo, videos, etcŠ The full version of the software is $35 USD; the demo is free. It is available for both Mac and Windows.

Changes in v1.6

  • Global transpose function
  • Constrain notes to scale
  • Additional clock subdivisions
  • Application size configurable
  • Various Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • MIDI CC controllers now scaled to cover their full 0-127 range
  • Inactive stages now a bit lighter, so can edit them via MIDI CC even when inactive, and still see what you're doing
  • Streamlined Audio options section, fewer settings
  • Demo preferences now isolated from Full Version preferences
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