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Mdrummer Small is a free version with limited features, it also includes a demo version of Mdrummer that cannot save and generates random noise.

System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2014-05-22
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

MDrummer is a sophisticated (not-only) percussive instrument engine. Advanced users can use the rich set of capabilities to enjoy the power of sound and rhythm systems of the virtual drummer. Beginners can use MDrummer simply to create great drum-tracks in almost no time.


  • Universal sound system lets you tweak the sound providing the most advanced tools - plugin based sound generators (several method of sampling and synthesis) and effects (compressor, equalizers, phaser, vibrato, tremolo...), unlimited number of drums, velocity layers and effects, etc.
  • Drumset generator and merger can be used to generate almost unlimited number of original drumsets in a few clicks.
  • MDrummer Rhythm System (MRS) gives you power to create rhythm tracks in 2 minutes without limiting your creativity. Any style, any signature, any percussion instrument, strictly general MIDI compatible. And when you are not satisfied, you need just a few clicks to change the rhythm in the entire song. No more stupid MIDI files, grooves, loop collections or similar archaic nonsense.
  • Plays groove, automatically puts fills and just works like a real drummer. Give him order to play and he will know what to do. You can practice or jam with him, build rhythm tracks for your songs or even use him instead of a real drummer.
  • Rhythm Generator creates the entire rhythm containing groove (alterations with different complexity level) and hundreds of fills, intros and outros from just one groove base loop. This way you can always create a perfect rhythm for your song. You create a groove base loop, which defines character of your rhythm track and is really easy to make. Then you select some predefined settings and click a process button, that is all. In almost no time you will get exactly what you want. Or maybe even something better...
  • Save your own resources and organize them in folders for quick access in any project. MDrummer lets you to store almost anything - drumsets, rhythms, drums, layers, loops and so on... It is not just a VST plugin, it is a complete drumming studio.
  • Large library of resources is included.
  • Updates and packages free for life: MDrummer downloads and installs updates and additional resources (samples, subsample libraries, rhythms, grooves...) for free. No more extension packs.

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Ver. 5.0 Changes

  • Major update
  • GUI Completely reworked
  • Faster and customizable GUI engine
  • GPU Acceleration
  • Improved VST3, including overall compatibility, user interfaces etc
  • Various other performance improvements
  • Various bugfixes

Ver. 4.07 Changes

  • When changing signature, MDrummer now automatically fixes all loops according to their purpose by moving, removing or even creating notes.
  • Added harmonic generator for oscillators, number of harmonics increased to 256.
  • Improved equalizer band points for better visibility.
  • Improved signal generator smoothing performance.
  • Colors slightly adjusted for better visibility.
  • Lowered graph zooming ratio for easier control.
  • Added ability to override the default units & grid in all envelope graph editors including snap-to-grid.
  • Various bugfixes

Ver. 4.06 Changes

  • Added drumset A-H presets for easier manipulation and storing drumsets in your projects.
  • Keeps rhythm generator settings for each target rhythm.
  • Reduced Memory requirements
  • Added envelope curvatures: saw, triangles and sines.
  • Added MWaveshaper asymmetric shaping, which can generate even harmonics.
  • Added DC blocker and default mode is now linear.
  • Added 1/3 oct and 1 oct mode to all analyzers.
  • Added linear harmonics mode to all parameteric (dynamic) equalizers.
  • Oscillator step sequencer now support multiple step shapes.
  • Added "Invert" feature to all parametric equalizers.
  • Oscillator harmonics graphs' units now follow number of harmonics.
  • Bugfix for issue with MDelay could increase amount of required memory under certain circumstances.
  • Bugfix for issue with Analyzers didn't store "Enable when hidden" mode.
  • Bugfix for issue with Project storage in memory and on disk was increasing when repeatedly saved.
  • Bugfix for issue with Installer on Windows didn't move shared IRs into the new location.

Ver. 4.05 Changes

  • Added MStereoSpread plugin.
  • Help windows now provide "Show in web browser" button you can use to create a documentation and show it in your browser.
  • All peak/loudness/.. meters are now reset by clicking on them. Hold ctrl to reset individual meters.
  • Step sequencer grid now follows the number of steps.
  • Plugin configurations and presets on Windows moved to MeldaProduction subfolder.
  • Better MStereoGenerator audio quality.
  • BugFix for freezing some drums could lead to a crash.
  • Bugfix for MStereoGenerator could occasionally freeze.

Ver. 4.04 Changes

  • New virtual keyboard
  • Other improvements
  • 2 new effects
  • Analysis engine and delay was optimized

Ver. 4.03 Changes

  • Rhythm generator preview is now in sync with host when playback is enabled.
  • Each oscillator can now also be controlled using harmonics instead of shape.
  • Added signal generator shape menu images, presets and randomizer.
  • Added MGranular effect.
  • Added "double" envelope shape type.
  • Added IR phase invert and left/right delays for MConvolution.
  • Pressing escape or backspace during movement on a slider restores its original value.
  • Mouse wheel now doesn't change selected item in listboxes and treeviews.
  • Added predefined directories and drives in all directory trees.
  • Ctrl+click on a "Presets" button loads a random preset.
  • Delay mode is now "classic" by default.
  • Several graph editors now support snap-to-grid.
  • Added decay parameter to all analyzers.
  • Added transformation "Phase" to all oscillators.
  • Fix: MSynthesizer4NN was crashing in ring-mod and freq-shift modes.
  • Fix: Automatic sample import didn't work when input path contained "\" instead of "/".
  • Fix: Background percussion templates didn't generate anything new.
  • Fix: Mouse wheel didn't move much with high-resolution mouses.
  • Fix: Analyzers didn't work correctly in left + right mode.

Ver. 4.02 Changes

  • Added MDynamicEq effect
  • Added a "listen to frequency" feature
  • Improved GUI behaviour on various parameters
  • Added sample & hold distortion for MDistortion
  • Various Bugfixes

Ver. 4.01 Changes

  • Drum patterns can now be run through the mixer.
  • Optimization to file selectors, presets and settings storage and automation
  • MConvulsion graphical user interface was redesigned.
  • Save drumset is now available at Quick Setup.
  • Reduced the default sound volume.
  • Now has advanced analyzer to equalizers.
  • LU meters can now show short-term, quick or integrated loudness
  • Equalizer band points are a bit smaller
  • Also includes a number of bug fixes which can be viewed at the developers site.
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