MIDI Monitor v0.5
by rs-met
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2008-04-20
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Software Description

MIDI Monitor is a plugin which shows you the incoming MIDI messages. Because some hosts treat instrument- and effect-plugIns differently (and do not allow plugging one kind of plugin into a slot of a different kind), there is an 'instrument' and an 'effect' version of the plugin to make it pluggable everywhere.

The MIDI-events are passed through unchanged, the same holds for any incoming audio signal.

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midi Monitor for Windows 7&8

And recently having a problem having windows recognize my midi keyboard my DAW is ProTools 11 . I was told a program called midi monitor would help me out


>> MIDI Monitor is a plugin

Plugin to what?

midi monitor

bonjour j aimerais savoir ou acheter midi monitor

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