MIDI to WAV Renderer v1.1
by Stochastic Lab
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Last Updated: 2006-10-03
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Software Description

MIDI to WAV Renderer enables fast and effective converting of files, avoiding foreign sounds. When you need to convert a MIDI file to WAV, MP3, the major problem you cannot avoid or get rid of is the foreign sounds that get in the output audio file. The foreign sounds are caused by the background music, effects or different noise being played through your computer's sound card, which the majority of audio converters use for converting audio files from one format to another.

They play the original MIDI files through the sound card and record the analog signal to WAV, MP33 files. Unlike the other MIDI to WAV converters, MIDI to WAV Renderer converts MIDI files to WAV silently, 100% digitally, without playing the original sound during the process of converting and thus giving no chance to foreign sounds of any nature to get in the output audio file. If the sound card is not installed on your computer, MIDI to WAV Renderer uses the program's MIDI-sequencer

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