MP3-Organizer v1.4
by Thilo Wawrzik
(Thilo Wawrzik Website)

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File Size: 1.87 MB
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System Requirements:

MDAC 2.6, MS Jet 4, MSXML 4

Last Updated: 2005-08-21
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The software manages your mp3/ogg files with various search options. Missing files are requested from the user and cached locally. Transfer to media player via drag'n'drop. Possibility to edit id3tags and playlists.

New in v1.4

  • "Wrong Parameter" in "Edit Categories" (fixed)
  • Changed to new Compiler (Buffer-Overrun-Protection, Optimization, ...)
  • CopyProgress for Prepare Cache (added)
  • Prepare Cache fails under WinXP with
  • SP2 installed (fixed)
    Exact match with >1 parameters (fixed)

  • Bitrate- and WriteProtect-Icon (added)
  • Exception on Show Hitlist (fixed)
  • Multiple same items in Hitlist (fixed)
  • New ProgressBar (added)
  • Create Playlist from Context-Menu (added)
  • Automated Refresh of VisualExplorer on
  • DB-Changes (added)

  • Shrink-Dialog extended (added)
  • New tooltip-controls (added)
  • Icons of shell-extension switched (fixed)
  • Prepare Cache: Error with existing files not contained in DB (fixed)
  • New options added to Tag-Editor (added)
  • Further improvements for ogg-support (added)
  • Call Info-Box from Context-Menu (fixed)
  • Empty Cache on termination (fixed)
  • Error in Categories-Filter "TRASH" (fixed)
  • Launch OnlineUpdate on startup (added)
  • Update of ogg-libraries to version 1.1 (added)
  • Calculation on Statistics-Dialog (divide by zero) (fixed)
  • Support for OGG-files and OGG-tags (added)
  • Error in batch-processing of ID3V2 (fixed)
  • Defective Online-Update under WinXP (fixed)
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