MP3-Tag Generator 1.5.1
by Thomas Isler
(Thomas Isler Website)

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File Size: 2.93 MB
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Microsoft XML Parser 3

Last Updated: 2002-09-01
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Software Description

The MP3-Tag Generator is an excellent program for modifying MP3-Tag (ID3) information in an easy and quick way. It contains a Tag-Editor, a Format-Editor, a Playlist-Editor and a Player.
With the MP3-Tag Generator you can modify multiple MP3-Files at once.
It needs the Microsoft XML Parser 3 in order to work.
Please visit the homepage for the installation instructions.

The program contains four different modules:

Tag Editor

  • ID3 v1.0 and ID3 v1.1 support
  • Batch mode
  • Show MPEG-Header information (VBR support)
  • Delete MP3-Files
  • Modify the MP3-Tag of mutliple MP3-Files
  • Rename MP3-Files from the Tag
  • Generate the Tag out of the MP3-Filename by using customisable parsing formats
  • Export content to HTML
  • Drag & Drop MP3-Files into the editor
  • Browse through folders
  • Play list entries

Format Editor

  • Define your own parsing formats
  • Add, delete, edit and test parsing formats

Player with Winamp support

Playlist Editor

  • Create & edit delete Playlists
  • Drag & Drop MP3-Files into the editor
  • Sort list entries
  • Move list entries
  • Play list entries
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