MP3 Miner 1.99
by Jeff Underwood
(Jeff Underwood Website)

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File Size: 1.8 MB
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Last Updated: 2001-05-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

MP3 Miner is a add-on utility for mIRC, it will make it easy for novice IRC users to download MP3 files, and for power users to quickly and efficiently find and get what they are looking for.

  • Self installs into mIRC
  • Auto Retrieve File Lists from almost every serving script
  • Capable of handling 20 channels. (most servers limit you to be on a max of 10)
  • Search more effectively than using channel find commands
  • Search one, some or all lists in a directory. REAL zip support
  • Effective search options allowing (5) match words, and (2) exclude words
  • Filter the matches to show online servers
  • Advanced filter goes a step beyond by only showin servers with a slot open
    • Note: This is as of the least broadcast, in 10 seconds they could have 20
    • files added to their queues, or their script may not be updating that correctly
  • Add a song to your want list, if you can only find a match in an off-line server
    • You can send it when the user comes on by clicking the Send button.on the Want List tab under the Queues Tab
  • Send a request without typing, or by cutting and pasting a command
  • Tracks progrss of files by Requests Sent, In Progress, and Failed X-fers Lists
  • Displays a list of servers displaying stats like file count/speed/Next slot etc
  • Display the total # of Channels you are on and a user count
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