MP3 Rage v5.8.4
by Chaotic Software, Ltd.
(Chaotic Software, Ltd. Website)

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File Size: 2.1 MB
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15 Day Trial. Registration: US$24.95

System Requirements:

MacOS 9.0 or higher, Mac OS X

Last Updated: 2004-07-29
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Software Description

MP3 Rage is no longer under active development

MP3 Rage is the definitive collection of tools for MP3 enthusiasts. You can edit ID3 tags, play MP3 files, catalog, organize, rename, find, and change thousands of MP3 files and their ID3 tags quickly and painlessly. It also has a clean, powerful, and easy-to-use interface.


  • Supports the Napster music sharing system for searching and downloading MP3s from the Internet.
  • Added support for skipping duplicates in MP3 Organizer for easy updating of existing folders.
  • MP3 cataloger lets you reorder output items with a drag & drop list interface.
  • Improved support for variable-bit-rate (VBR) MP3 files when displaying and cataloging.
  • MP3 cataloger lets you catalog just the filename or full file path.
  • MP3 cataloger lets you catalog files that do not have ID3 tags.
  • Ragester downloads types/creators can be specified in the preferences.
  • MP3 cataloger allows you to pick a destination cataloger filename with much less hassle.
  • Preferences dialog remembers the last tab you used and restores when opened again.
  • MP3 cataloger remembers the name and location of the catalog file when opened again.
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