MP3 Auto Player
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Sound card, MP3 playing software

Last Updated: 2000-03-11
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Software Description

This tool starts the default MP3 player and plays songs from a playlist.m3u file automatically. Useful for MP3 CDs, autorun.inf included.

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auto CD player for compressed WAV

I found a disc in a Camelot store that is (slightly mislabeled) MPEG,Win 95 and contains over 200 Louis Armstrong songs and has a built in player on the disc. The disc is from Russia (an obvious bootleg. However the "player" on the disc is called TRACKER and the Russians apparently fixed it so most of the buttons no longer work. I uses MP3 files (at least compressed using MP3 encoders and rewritten with a WAV header. I found a way to convert some MP3 files back to WAV (compressed) header code and substituted my music on this type of disc. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIND AN ENGLISH VERSION OF THIS TRACKER PLAYER? I WOULD LIKE TO BUY IT. Swamp Daddy


hello please skin winamp

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