MPEG Audio Collection v2.92
by Jurgen Faul
(Jurgen Faul Website)

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Last Updated: 2003-10-05
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Software Description

It's designed to organize your MPEG audio file collection. It is fast and easy to use, scans selected drives for *.mp? files, and lists them in an Explorer-style tree-view interface. Just select a file to retrieve some information about it. You can play files as well.


  • Scanning for MPEG audio files .mpa, .mp2, .mp3, .mp+, .mpc
  • Supported formats: MPEG versions 1-2.5, layer I-III and MPEGplus
  • File info: size, length, bit rate, sample rate, mode, version, layer
  • Including ID3-tags (versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.3)
  • Collection, volume and folder information
  • Searching for name, property, ID3-tag or duplicates
  • Searching in collection or on a drive
  • Saving search results
  • Playing file(s) with its associated application
  • Creating playlists
  • ID3-tag editor (ID3-tag version 1.1 only)
  • Support Xing VBR
  • Auto open last collection option
  • Importing from another collection (COL files)
  • Support for very big collections
  • Updating volumes
  • Several collection reports (txt, html, dif)
  • Multilingual interface
  • Printing CD-covers
  • File Renamer utility

What's new:

  • FLAC support
  • WavPack support
  • OptimFROG support
  • AAC support
  • support for files encoded with Monkey's Audio 3.98
  • mpc support for SV 7.1 and all profiles
  • mpc fix: will now read files with different sample rates correctly
  • mpc encoder detection
  • genre tag support (thanks to Maurizio Belvisi)
  • new powerful tagger and renamer
  • the tag editor now supports writting of ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2 and Vorbis Comment tags
  • volume type detected and indicated by the icon
  • option to include all files to collection
  • different icons for different file types (thanks to SacRat, Jan S. and M. Blake)
  • search window position and size are now saved
  • added option to open directory in explorer
  • right click menu added to the search window
  • added option to eject the CD after scanning
  • new file info dialog window
  • reads Vendor info from Vorbis Comments (Ogg Vorbis, FLAC)
  • reads ape tags from mp3 files
  • option to use foobar2000 for playing
  • double-clicking unsupported files launches their associated program
  • updated Swedish, Slovak, German (thanks to Joerg Walther), Spanish (thanks to AngelGR), Arabic (thanks to M.A.A.D.), Italian and French (thanks to zegilles) language files
  • some text corrections (see todo_translate.txt)
  • XP Themes support
  • fixed bugs
  • MAC is now released under the GNU LGPL license

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Doppelte Ordner auf versch. Partitionen


Erst einmal ein grpßes Lob! "MPEG Audio Collection" ist mir wirklich eine große Hilfe meine MPC-Sammlung zu verwalten...
Es ist eines der wenigenn, dass APE2-Tags unterstützt...
Allerdings habe ich ein kleines Problem:
Ich habe meine MPC´s mittlerweile auf drei versch. Partitionen kiegen, die ich nacheinander einscanne und anschließend verbinde. Leider habe ich danach einige Bands (=meine Ordner) mehrfach in der Liste... Wahrscheinlich keinarg großes Ding - vielleicht ´ne Idee für´s nächste Update...

Also, nochmal vielen Dank für´s Programm, wie´s bisher ist

just plain good

almost all I wanted is in this, except that there is no option to number only the files in the list - when it makes a list it couns the directories as well. nothing's perfect, but this program sure comes close

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