MPX 100 Editor v4.5
by Jon Witte
(Jon Witte Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 2.5MB
License Conditions:

5 Minute Time Limited Demo - $20.00 for full version

System Requirements:
  • A Mac with a 68040 processor or greater running System 7.5.1 and up with 6 megabytes of extra ram. The MPX 100 Editor is a fat binary application, which means it has native code for both the 680xx family of processors and the PPC family of processors
  • Last Updated: 1999-06-09
    For more detail about software : Software Description
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    Software Description

    The MPX 100 Editor is Macintosh based editor/librarian software for Lexicon's MPX 100 Effects Processor. It allows you to select and edit the presets in the MPX 100 remotely from your Apple Macintosh computer. The Editor always shows you exactly what's going on in the MPX 100 by adding information that is only found in the MPX 100 Users Guide to the user interface. You will no longer have to look in the MPX 100 User Guide to find out if variation 5 is a medium plate reverb or a large plate reverb or whether the adjust knob is controlling the delay time or feedback. This is accomplished by the MPX 100 Editor's unique labeling system. The MPX 100 Editor also allows you to send (via midi) User Presets, Full User Bank bulk dumps and System Mode Setup bulk dumps from the MPX 100 to the editor software for storage on your hard drive as a User Preset File. This file can be opened at a later date with the editor software and be sent via midi back to the MPX 100 for recall of saved Individual User Presets, User Banks and/or System Mode Setups. The software also allows you to store your favorite User Presets in the MPX 100 Editor software which will be there each time you open the editor. The MPX 100 Editor sofware also includes extensive Tap editing functions and labels. The Tap function on the MPX 100 can be controlled by tapping the space bar on the computer keyboard, clicking the editor's Tap button with the mouse or by sending beat clock to the MPX 100 using the editor's Beat Clock Generator. The parameter that the Tap is controlling is shown clearly in a label in the MPX 100 Editor. Included in the MPX 100 Editor is The Sound Player, which will allow you to play a sound using the Mac's built in sound outputs. The sound can be played once, as a loop or by the editors built in metronome. You can choose any one of the Sound Player's 13 built in sounds which include snare, kick, bass, organ, voice, piano and more. The Sound Player is useful for auditioning the changes you make while editing a Preset using the MPX 100 editor. Of course the MPX 100 Editor software has an extensive built in help system which will give you information on every button, popup menu, label, light, slider and menu item found in the MPX 100 Editor software. People who use the MPX 100 Effects Processor will find the MPX 100 Editor a very useful, time saving, intuitive tool.

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    PC platform?


    I am very interested in a MPX-100 editor but I am on the PC side of the world. Are planning to port your software? If not do you know where I could find one?


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