MR1200 v1.6
by monoRAVEik
(monoRAVEik Website)

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Last Updated: 2005-08-17
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Software Description

MR1200 is an MP3 player designed specifically for DJing with. Rather than use a PC to replace an entire two-decks-and-a-mixer rig, it replaces only the decks, so you can continue to use your own separate mixer. This allows full use of mixer and headphones for prefading, meaning tracks can be mixed together as they always could be with decks.

With two soundcards in your PC (although it is possible with only one) and two instances of MR1200 running, or even two PCs, you can treat your MP3s just like vinyl.

Features include:

  • Platter behaves exactly like a real record deck - grab it and it stops, pull it backwards and it plays backwards.
  • Platter can also emulate the jog wheel on a CD deck.
  • Vinyl groove simulation for a "picture" of the track -
    spot those quiet bits!

  • Choice of +8 or +20 pitch control, with separate fine tuning.
  • Nudging and twisting emulation.
  • Real instant start.
  • Cue points.
  • Reverse play.
  • Pitch control inversion.
  • Quartz lock.
  • Time elapsed, remaining and total displays.
  • Full mouse and keyboard control.

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A great freeware alternative!

A great freeware alternative for Final Scratch and the likes. Needs an external mixer and a multichannel soundcard in order to actually mix with it, although you can still use it as a fun toy for scratching without them.

trouble downloading

Does anyone know were I can download the MR 12oo's.I am having trouble here on this site.

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