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MuLab Free is fully functional but is more limited than MuLab XT and MuLab UL. Soft Noise is applied when going beyond the limits of MuLab Free.

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MuLab Free is fully functional but is more limited than MuLab XT and MuLab UL.

Last Updated: 2016-06-06
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Software Description

Featured in our Round-up of Music Production Software

MuLab is a top-quality sound and music production system for Mac OSX and Windows, transforming your computer into an inspiring modular studio.

MuLab is an easy, effective and rock-solid tool designed to create, record, and finalize Your Music!


  • Creates, records, edits and plays multi-track audio & MIDI.
  • Flexible tracks and sub-tracks support audio, MIDI and automation parts.
  • Next generation modular architecture.
  • Top-quality uncompromised sound engine.
  • Advanced integration between composer and sound engine.
  • Automation parts let you easily automate any parameter in the modular tree structure, even the deepest nested ones.
  • Effective support for slicing and recycling sampled drum loops.
  • Streamlined and versatile mixing desk.
  • Option for modular routing of all mixer signals resulting in ultimate flexibility.
  • Integrated world-class synths, samplers and effects.
  • New MuSynth workhorse synth/sampler.
  • New hybrid MuDrum module.
  • Deep modular editing lets you build your own synths and effects, including nice front panels.
  • Includes hundreds of inspiring instruments and effect patches.
  • Easy preset file management.
  • Top-quality support for audio & MIDI VST plug-ins.
  • ReWire Master.
  • Multi-session support.
  • Template sessions.
  • Restyled and streamlined user-friendly interface and workflow.
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Plays on Mac OSX and Windows.

Changes in v7

  • Enhanced Audio Tracks
  • Easified Audio Recording
  • Improved Audio Parts
  • Snap Markers
  • Step Sequencer / Arpeggiator
  • Audio-rate Parameter Modulation (Also realizes modular FM)
  • Modulation Sample & Hold
  • Parameter Value Randomizer
  • Pitch Bend Generator
  • Enhanced Racks
  • Rack Freeze/Render
  • User Definable Grids
  • Swing Parameter (Global + Per Part)
  • Improved Piano Roll
  • Improved Look & Feel
  • Enhanced Sound & Factory Library
  • Various other improvements!

Changes in v6.5.43

  • Optimized the "Auto Bypass" function. Now you can use MUX VST to spare CPU cycles in hosts that constantly do plug-in processing even when the plugin is only processing silence.
  • New "Export" function for MultiForm Oscillator wavetables.
  • Bugfix for MUX 64 bit VST host engine which could cause crashes, especially when using more than 4 GB RAM in the host address space.
  • Bugfix for Create Multisample/Sequence Using Markers: In case of many markers the key could go beyond max key 127. Fixed.
  • Bugfix for odd track/part colors.
  • Bugfix for bug when mixing down to an audio file that is already used by the project.
  • Bugfix for bug in LFO editor when inputting eg "3/8".

Changes in v6.5.33

  • Bugfix for small plugin slot at Modular Feedback Delay editor
  • Finetuned behavior wrt unfound audio files upon loading a project or preset file:
  • Before popping up a 'Locate file' dialog, MuLab/MUX will first look for it in the source file folder and its "Audio" sub-folder.

Changes in v6.1.32

  • Bugfix for an issue with the play position line.
  • MUX Modular Plug-in: Clicking the main plugin window background in the MUX Modular specific part (not the host specific part) ensures keyboard focus to MUX Modular.
  • MUX Modular Plug-in: Browser now also stays floating just like module editor windows.
  • Better position for the popup list for the sequence- and multi-sample value fields.

Changes in v6.0.35

  • Bugfix for crash bug when doing "Edit MIDI Input Channel Targets" with MuLab 64 bit.
  • Improved Step Recorder and Sequence Editor interaction.
  • Bugfix for browser preview

Changes in v5.5.2

  • Bugfix for mono legato filters to properly apply key tracking.
  • Bugfix for Multi-point Envelope velocity sensitivity.

Changes in v5.5.1

  • Default Audio Setup now uses MME Sound Mapper.
  • "MME Audio" renamed to "MME Audio Output".
  • Added a workaround for a possible crash problem in Steinberg hosts eg Cubase.
  • Added a workaround for a resize problem in Steinberg hosts eg Cubase.
  • Bugfix for a possible UI lag problem when using multiple MUX VST plug-ins.
  • Bugfix for note-ons and note-offs being sent on the same time
  • New "Audio Pos/Neg Splitter" module.
  • More subtle and less dense time bar.
  • New preference: DefaultAutoScroll defines the default value for the auto scroll feature of the editors.
  • When deleting a module that is a track's target module, the track header was not immediately redrawn. Fixed.
  • Sometimes small tooltips were displayed incorrectly vertically. Fixed.
  • VST plug-ins "Edit In Generic Editor" function not shown in context menu when the VST plug-in has no parameters.

Changes in v5.4.1

  • Preference "WindowsProcessPriority" which allows to set a higher process priority on Windows, resulting in a more solid audio engine.
  • New "Note Mapper" module
  • Control+click in the middle of a part/note/zone now also deletes it.
  • Composer, Note Editor and Multi-Sample Editor updates and fixes
  • Increased the VST MIDI input buffer size.
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes

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Changes in v5.3.25

  • Improved Composer functionality
  • New Modular feedback delay and improved MUX
  • Various other improvements to look and functionality
  • Many bugfixes, details at MuTools website...

Changes in v5.2

  • Interface is redesigned
  • Redesigned the MuSynth, MuDrum, MuPad, MuSampla, MultiSampla, MuVerb and MuEcho front panels.
  • Edit Oscillator super layers
  • New monophonic mode for great solo sounds.
  • Other improvements

Changes in v5.1.5

  • Better audio level compressor.
  • New preset file function: "Unlink From Preset".
  • Improved VST engine especially wrt VSTs that rely on timing info from the host.
  • Improved support for rack desk shortcuts when the rack desk is docked.
  • Extended support for different types of WAVE files.
  • Mixdown start-end is only set automatically on first time, after that it's purely defined by the user.
  • Composer and Sequence Editor: Zoom Selection, Copy Time Zoom and Paste Time Zoom are now shortcuttable functions.
  • Rack naming: If loaded from a preset, the preset name has more priority than the first plug-in name.
  • Added a bypass for a load problem in ToonTrack EZ Drummer.
  • MUX VST now properly reports the effective host samplerate to VST plugins.
  • "Select Composition" function: When used via a shortcut, the popup list was displayed in the bottom-right corner. Fixed.
  • Audio File -> Create New Sample From Selection did not update the samplerate of the new sample. Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the VST engine which could cause improper syncing between host and plug-in. (eg Kirnu Cream).
  • Fixed a bug with the wrt the session editor window size when loading sessions that were saved with another editor window size.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause audio noises.
  • Fixed a bug that could have various consequences during initialization.
  • Improved log info for better diagnosing certain problems.

Changes in v5.1.0

  • Added a "Edit VST Initial Delay" function, available in the deep editor options menu.
  • Browser: Doesn't show the redundant "Switch To Docked Mode" anymore.
  • New sequence part function: Trim To Played.
  • Improved Audio Compressor module:
  • New Pre Gain parameter.
  • Visual feedback of input and output levels and compression curve.
  • Important bug fix/improvement wrt the Knee parameter.
  • Several other improvements wrt the processing algorithms resulting in a more solid and smooth compressed sound.
  • Audio level meters now show the current max level in a tool tip.
  • Audio level meters now have independent fall times for the maximum level indicator.
  • Composer: When splitting unique parts, the split part is also unique.
  • BugFix for a rare crash bug when inserting a new module in a rack or MUX deep editor.
  • BugFix for a bug wrt MIDI event processing for system MIDI messages like Active Sense etc.
  • BugFix for an issue wrt music time calculations, for example visual in looped sequence parts that were not drawn as looped.

Changes in v5.0.41

  • Bugfix for a problem with drag-dropping external files into MuLab / MUX.
  • Bugfix for issue VST editors when doing "Close All Module Editors"
  • Bugfix for problem when replacing a VST plugin by another VST plugin while having opened a generic VST editor for that plugin.
  • Improved stability of the VST plug-in interface.

Changes in v5.0.37

  • Multi-Core Support.
  • Integrated Multi-Functional Browser.
  • Extended Drag-Drop Support.
  • Enhanced Automation & Modulation Envelopes.
  • Extended MUX Power.
  • Enhanced Support For Designing Your Own MUX Front Panels.
  • Extended Shortcut System.
  • New: MuClips.
  • Restyled User Interface.
  • Various other bugfixes and enhancements (details on MuTools)

Changes in v4.5.1

  • New Modulation Monitor module.
  • New copy-paste audio capability for the oscillator
  • Various fine tuning and bugfixes

Changes in v4.4.6

  • Renamed Audio To Note Gate - Audio Envelope Follower
  • Improved Save Session As
  • Tuned the Manage Audio/Sample Files
  • File path editors are much wider by default so to display more of longer file paths.
  • Mixdown To Audio File dialog: File path editor now also previews audio files while choosing one.
  • Improved keyboard handling while the virtual keyboard is on.
  • By default VST parameter values are shown as % values, no mixed situations anymore.
  • More relaxed checking of the user key e.g. line breaks in the key are filtered out.
  • Event Monitor now has a "Clear" context function.
  • Text string editors: Shift+Home selects from start to cursor, Shift+End selects from cursor to end.
  • Tweaked several aspects in the UI.
  • Various Bugfixes

Changes in v4.4.2

  • When clicking the MuLab window button on the taskbar, the MuLab window now properly minimizes/restores.
  • New Note Key/Vel Filter module.
  • New Bit Reducer module.
  • New Samplerate Reducer module.
  • Windows now properly do maximize/restore.
  • Double-clicking a window title bar also does maximize/restore.
  • Smoother parameter slides via UI or automation.
  • Improved MuLab Free/XT product limits.
  • Improved the drag-drop system.
  • Bugfix for parameter modulation system.
  • Bugfix for crash when editing a sequence part with no sequence.

Changes in v4.3.4

  • Support both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • Internal optimizations.
  • Sonic bug fixed.
  • Bugfix for a load bug for certain MUX preset files.
  • When previewing audio files and samples, user now has more control over the preview volume, pitch etc...
  • You can now rename VST plugins apart from their DLL name.
  • Event Delay: Delay Time display includes the units.
  • "Add New Audio Track" now also monitors the audio file while browsing.
  • In some cases an empty tool tip was shown.

Changes in v4.2.2

  • Parameter Event Generator module.
  • MIDI Controller Generator module.
  • Dropping a sample on a multi-sample player adds a new full range zone for that sample.
  • MUX Play Editor: Module buttons can get a fixed color, fixed to the PE layout, independent from the module color itself.
  • Rotate Function improved
  • Rename envelope parts
  • Better Default output for new racks
  • Improved reading of unconventional MIDI files
  • Enhanced skin
  • Other Internal optimizations
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in v4.1.20

  • New Parameter Event Generator and MIDI Controller Generator modules.
  • Dropping a sample on a multi-sample player (e.g. MultiSampla or the "Sampler" in MuSynth) adds a new full range zone for that sample.
  • MUX Play Editor: Module buttons can get a fixed color, fixed to the PE layout, independent from the module color itself.
  • Waveforms => Rotate function: Input value is expressed in degrees instead of samples.
  • Envelope parts are also user renamable.
  • Finetuned the default output for new racks.
  • "Basic Effect" preset now includes a simple gain parameter in its Play Editor.
  • Increased flexibility when reading unconventional MIDI files.
  • Internal optimizations.
  • Fixed a possible crash bug when inserting new instrument tracks etc. while the music is playing.
  • Fixed: When deleting a rack the [+] rack button in the rack desk stayed at its old position.
  • In certain situations, Import Audio File, Import Sample Loop and Import Sampe Sound could use an inappropriate rack.
  • Move-drag a module from a preset device into a deep editor not possible anymore. Copy-drag still works though.

Changes in v4.1.17

  • Musical resolution improved from 1200 to 12000 PPQN.
  • Better timing when recording MIDI events and parameter automations, especially when using a larger audio driver buffer size.
  • Smoother movement of the play cursor when using a larger audio driver buffer size.
  • Rack Desk now also has a [+] rack button, cfr tracks.
  • Double-clicking below tracks is same as clicking the [+] track button. (for consistency)
  • Mixdown dialog: In case of mixdown to audio file, there is a little button with which you can quickly set the target file to the session master audio file.
  • VST plug-in manager now shows more details while scanning, especially in case of errors.
  • File path displays now show the full file path in a tool tip.
  • You can drop files on a file path display so to set it to that file path.
  • File browsers: You can drop files/folders on it so to set it to that file/folder.
  • Fixed: When doing 'New Session' while the audio recording dialog was open then MuLab hanged.
  • Finetuned 2 practical things in the Pure demo session: Track headers were too wide and it had no metronome sound.
  • Internal optimizations.

Changes in v4.1.8

  • New Session Modular Area - MUX
  • New Audio Inverter Module
  • New Split Per MIDI Channel composition function
  • New builtin movie recorder
  • Better MuVerb
  • Improved multi-monitor support
  • Finetuned audio alert
  • Several interface improvements
  • Program tunings and restructuring
  • Better MP3 loading sessions
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes

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synching with external midi sequencer (roland tr505)

hi, using mulab 5.0.37, want to record drum tracks on mulab sequencer using my roland tr505 drum machine as tr505 makes this v easy, but cannot figure out how to synch drum machine with mulab clock



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