MadShifta 1.0
by TobyBear | Bram |
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VST Host application.

Last Updated: 2004-04-20
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

This is a VST plugin by Tobybear ( and
Bram ( with full Delphi source included!
It is available on Bram's truly excellent DSP source code page!

What does it do?

Well, as Bram puts it: it is a "ultrafast and lofi pitchshifter", where the pitch of the audio is changed in realtime while the
tempo is preserved.

You can adjust the pitch in semitones (+/- 24 semitones) and
with finetuning. Furthermore a delay line with feedback is
included and the obligatory LP/HP filter with resonance!
Extra special feature: you can use MIDI note messages to pitch
the audio in realtime up or down, relatively to a root key.
Furthermore a randomizer, dry/wet and output adjustments enhance
the fun :-)

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