Maize Sampler v2.2.9
by Maizesoft
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File Size: 3.7 MB
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Registration: US$89.00

System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2015-02-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Maize Sampler is a sampler (sampler player) offering the features you would expect such as keyswitching (12 layers), disk-streaming, sample-mapping, velocity layering, sample looping, etc. but it also offers a fairly unique feature: Propagation - with just a few clicks you can export your own sample based VST / AU instruments directly.


  • Propagation (VST / AU export) with pre-defined UI styles.
  • Keyswitching between 12 layers.
  • Disk-streaming.
  • Sample-mapping, velocity layering.
  • 16 channels, 4 stereo output, 32 polyphonies.
  • Supports 8, 16, 24 bit sample rate .
  • Built-in simple reverb and EQ.
  • Both VSTi and Standalone modes.
  • Comes with a Soundfont to Maize Sampler format converter.

New in v2.2.9

  • Bugfix for key switching multiple groups
  • Bugfix for toggle button
  • Bugfix for group pan knob
  • ADSR time range is increased
  • Use a fast release time upon choke or monophonic

New in v2.2.8

  • Bugfix for crash when loading large player GUI.

New in v2.2.4

  • New note triggering button action
  • New group pan property
  • Fixed for disk streaming problem that may cause buffer underrun

New in v2.2.5

  • Enhanced offline render mode audio quality
  • Added the popup menu item for moving groups forward or backward in editor
  • Note action is reelected on the keyboard now
  • Pitch bend controls are now properly initialized and updated
  • Tuning is respected even in static pitch mode now

New in v2.2.3

  • Bug fix for a resampling artifact between buffer boundary
  • Bug fix for a crash when loading protected instrument

New in v2.22

  • New fader control in the GUI editor
  • BugFix for the missing GUI problem when multiple instances of AU player are loaded
  • BugFix for a problem where the MIDI note could stuck when opening the player GUI
  • BugFix for a problem that the reverb is not properly stored
  • BugFix for a problem when entering ranges in the editor

New in v2.21

  • Bugfix for a missing note problem when running multiple player instance
  • Bugfix for the Mac VST instrument and vendor name problem
  • Bugfix for a current group label bug
  • Bugfix for a sustain control issue
  • Bugfix for a problem with reverb

New in v2.20

  • Support multiple output channel.
  • Bugfix for a crash when unloading the player.
  • Bugfix for a possible resampling artifact in the engine.
  • Upgraded to JUCE 2.0 application framework.
  • Bugfix for a problem related group selection in player.
  • Combo box does not have focus outline any more.

New in v2.15

  • Fixed the missing UI problem when multiple Maize Sampler players are loaded into a host
  • Added the dynamic size option for the custom knob, so it can be used for fader controls.
  • Fixed the expiration days display issue
  • Fixed some EXS format loading problems
  • Added "show labels" option to the keyboard control

New in v2.0.5

  • Fixed a voice interrupt issue in the Audio Unit player.
  • Fixed a issue when loading a instrument exported on Windows into Audio Unit player.
  • Fixed a bug in voice stealing.
  • Avoid displaying too many sample missing dialog.
  • Fixed a deadlock when loading player.
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