Matrixsynth v2.0
by Peter Mcilwain
(Peter Mcilwain Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 2.04 MB
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.2.

Last Updated: 2005-06-29
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Software Description

Matrixsynth is no longer available for purchase or download.

This software synthesiser is designed for the purposes of training students in basic analogue style synthesis techniques. The highly flexible nature of the matrix that was employed in the original VCS3s is used here to assist in visualising the signal pathways that are used in sound synthesis.

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Matrixsynth Download!

I tried to download this synth as I am very keen to experiiment with it but was taken to a blank page. Is it still available for download please and if so, could you please email me a link.

Re: Matrixsynth Download

It seems that this program is no longer available for download.

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