Windows Media Player OSX
by Microsoft
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File Size: 6.9 MB
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System Requirements:

Mac OS X version 10.1 with a processor that is 233 MHz or higher, 128 megabytes (MB) or higher, 10 MB of free hard disk space, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac, or America Online for Mac OS X, Monitor color depth of 256 colors

Last Updated: 2003-11-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Microsoft® Windows Media™ Player 7.1 for Mac brings the best audio and video to millions of Mac users with full support for the industry-leading Windows Media Technologies. This release also sports a new design and supports playback of MP3 files. Windows Media Player 7 for Mac provides content providers with the ability to quickly develop content while reaching the largest possible audience.

Windows Media Player 7 for Mac Features

Windows Media Playback

  • Support for local and streamed playback of Windows Media files and support for local playback of MP3 files
  • ASX version 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 parsing
  • UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP and multicast streaming
  • Protocol automatic ordering and rollover
  • Multiple bit rates
  • Intelligent streaming
  • Logging
  • Favorites
  • Closed captioning
  • HTTP basic authentication
  • Limited Windows Media Download (WMD) support (will not display ICP skin – only playback of audio/video)

Digital Rights Manager (DRM)

  • Plays secure content protected with Microsoft digital rights management technology, Windows Media Rights Manager


  • Audio Codecs
  • Microsoft Windows Media Audio codec versions 1.0, 2.0, 7, and 8
  • Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP codec
  • Fraunhofer IIS-A MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 codec
  • Voxware MetaSound codec
  • G.726 codec
  • Video Codecs
  • Microsoft Windows Media Video codec versions 7 and 8
  • Microsoft Windows Media Screen codec versions 7 and 8
  • Microsoft MPEG-4 codec version 2.0 and 3.0
  • ISO MPEG-4 video codec version 1.0

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no video when using mac osx windows media player

Can't get video only audio when using mac osx version of media player to download video clips. Everyone is running into this problem. What's the solution.

Re: no video when using mac osx windows media player

Same Problem, I get a pop-up that says:
"The specified stream type is not recognized."
Hardly a recommendation for the format.

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