Megalomania 1.2.3
by Eric Huffman

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Last Updated: 1996-01-01
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Software Description

Megalomania is not a MIDI sequencer, patch editor, or patch librarian. It is not like any other Macintosh application. It's closest relative is MAX. Where MAX is a programming tool, Megalomania is a cuisinart for MIDI data.

Megalomania is like an effects processor for MIDI data. As MIDI data enters your Macintosh it is processed by Megalomania and then sent back out. The processing that takes place is designed by you.

You design the processing by connecting together icons that represent simple, as well as, not so simple real-time MIDI effects.

These include complex, multitapped delays with non-linear periods, controller-generating envelopes, and channel hocketing (sending each note of the MIDI input to a different channel), and much more.

Since Megalomania runs in real-time you can perform with the effect while you are designing it!

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Megalomania stability

I'm running a Firewire PowerBook 400 with OS 9 and OMS. Megalomania crashed it every time I ran it, requiring a forced restart. If I can find the right link, I'll contact the author.

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