Melody Patterns
by Song Assistant
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Last Updated: 2012-05-07
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Software Description

Melody Patterns offers searchable lists of riffs based on analysis of over 1500 hit songs.

According to Song Assistant's studies, 80% of chart hits contain melodic phrases based on repeating notes. You can use Melody Patterns as the starting point for composing catchy hooks and melodies by understanding and trying out how real hit songs worked.

This software gives tips on sequential notes. Up to 80% of chart hits contain melodic phrases that repeat the same sustained note over different chords. In many cases this repeat occurs within 1 bar. Melody Patterns offers a list of all occurrences in a set of 1500 hit songs, including total counts. Up to 66% of chart hits contain melodic phrases that repeat a melodic riff of three notes over different chords or triplets. These are often placed at a distance of 2 bars. Melody Patterns offers raw counts of melodic riffs of triplets. These can be used to identify melody segments that are common in chart hits.

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