Pyramix v9.0.9
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File Size: 199 MB
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Intel Core 2 Duo or Core2 Quad recommended, Minimum 1GB RAM,1024x768 resolution,

Last Updated: 2014-09-08
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Software Description

Pyramix is a digital audio workstation designed for music production.

Pyramix aims to utilize the latest technology to combine flexibility with quality in music production.

Pyramix boasts of real time processing technology with its "Masscore". It is a technology that utilizes the multiple CPU cores of your computer directly, removing the latency and error tendencies of your Operating Systems. You can configure it to get up to an amazing 364 simultaneous live input and output channels at 48KHz with a 256 channel mi-buss structure. With Pyramix' Masscore, you virtually have no limitation to how you want to set up your mixing and mastering.

You can set it up for any type of music productions, or you can also use tried and tested "patches". You use Pyramix for broadcast radio, post production processing, live recording and music mastering by applying different patches.


  • Configure 16 to 384 Simultaneous I/O Channels
  • Virtually unlimited fade and cross fades
  • Instant / Real time audio editing
  • Virtually unlimiited audio editing (via virtual tracks)
  • Supports a wide variety of audio formats including WAV, AAF, PMF, RIFF64, AIF, SD2, MP3, DSDIFF, MXF, BWF and OMF
  • Supports interchange formats: XML, OMF, AAF, Final Cut XML, CMX-EDL, OpenTL, AES31, Protools 5.x for compatibility with other software
  • Supports 32kHz to 384kHz plus DSD and DXD
  • Various Digital input output
  • Supports multi channel VST Plug-ins
  • Network streaming capable
  • Full search and retrievable options
  • Compatible with 3rd Party converters and other hardware, including the optional Sphynx.

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New in v9.0.9

  • Bugfix for Metronome MIDI files load/save not working not working adequately.
  • Bugfix for
  • Bugfix for MOV not seen in Pyramix.

  • Bugfix for Pyramix with VCube in chase stops at double TAB.
  • Bugfix for PyraCube VT2: VCube does not follow correctly in FFWD/REW.
  • Bugfix for Pyramix Mixdown Loudness crash when True Peak Limiter is used.
  • Bugfix for Media manager trimmer crashes Pyramix when going to mounting rules:
  • Bugfix for

  • Bugfix for Standard User: Unable to find MassCore Platform.
  • Bugfix for Component coloring in red during automation movements doesn't take care of the Preview mode.
  • Bugfix for Normalizing pass of mixdown crashes when record blocksize is 64kb.
  • Bugfix for
  • Bugfix for ASIO bridge not properly disabled when un-selected.

  • Bugfix for Markers Status not saved or kept with project.
  • Bugfix for Loading Automation versions may corrupt Strip or VCA fader.

New in v7.1

  • Supports 64 bit Operating System for Native packs.
  • More files supported: MP3,. M4A/MP4 (AAC), FLAC, Ogg-Vorbis, DSF and WSD
  • Jog Pitch mode
  • Updated search function, you now use asterix.
  • Multiple Controllers Support
  • Quick Save improvements
  • Stereo playback
  • CD and file authoring options
  • DMA load enhancements
  • Various fixes with timeline and other bugs

To convince you further, here is a testimonial from Bob Ludwig, a respected mastering engineer.

Here is a demo of how Pyramix works in Mastering:

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