Metacorder v1.0
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File Size: 2.8 MB
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Registration: US$1795.00

System Requirements:

MetaCorder runs on any Mac with OSX 10.3.5 or later.

Last Updated: 2004-11-10
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Software Description

Metacorder enables users of CoreAudio hardware running with Mac OS X to create a full function audio field recorder on a Powerbook.

Metacorder replaces complex DAW software, rich with functions not relevant to field recording, and instead offers vital location-sound specific functionality such as 30 second pre-record, mirroring and iXML metadata entry, all in a very intuitive and easy to use package.

Beyond the simple task of recording multichannel audio into Mono, Poly or Dual Poly Broadcast Wave files, Metacorder allows dual-media recording, automatically writing the same data to 2 drives. Metacorder also features a background mirror which automatically copies recorded files onto slower media such as DVD-Ram as soon as you press stop.

MetaCorder can also burn completed soundrolls to DVD-R or CD-R in the background whilst you continue to record.

Metacorder reads LTC timecode through a spare Audio input, and another input can be used for a slate mic, routed to all tracks when the slate button is pressed. An M-S decoder allows stereo monitoring of M-S configured microphones. Metacorder can also playback recordings whilst you continue to record new ones, offering on-set playback functionality.

Numerous other location sound specific functions, position MetaCorder as an ideal for cart-based sound recording, or post-production transfer.

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