MidiShaper v1.3.1
by CableGuys
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Operating System:
File Size: 8.5 MB
Price: USD 30
License Conditions:

These demos are fully-functional and have no time limit, user have only one instance per song and users can't save presets

System Requirements:

1.25 GHz Intel CPU, Mac OS X 10.5 or later. 32bit or 64bit VST host.

Last Updated: 2014-06-13
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The Midishaper is based on the same technology as Cableguys' Curve.

It is designed for creating new sounds with your existing host sequencer that is compatible with MIDI Controllers. It offers the same four LFOs and four envelope generators that work together in a modulations matrix. You can produce unique sounds from your host sequencer by changing the various settings and adjusting the output channel aftertouch, modulated pitch, modwheel or any MIDI control messages.

MidiShaper's flexibility is showcased by it's LFOs. The LFO's can sync to your host sequencer from a 1/128 up to 32 bars. It will work retriggered or ever-running, set to the played note, or free-running from 0.02 Hz to the audible range and brain frequency. MidiShaper features completely editable waveforms for its LFOs.

If your plugin or host sequencer is compatible with MIDI control, the Midishaper will help create vivid, inspiring sounds, and bring the flexibility of MidiShaper to your favorite software plugins or hardware synths.

New in v1.3.1

  • General UI fixes

New in v1.3

  • Multi-selection of waveform points via ALT-click
  • Updated to the latest Cableguys codebase
  • Small bug fixes
  • Improved CPU efficiency
  • Smoother UI control.

New in v1.2.1

  • Bugfix for modulation target assignment
  • Bugix for note-off messages being ignored by envelopes
  • Bugfix for routing LFO's or envelopes to the same modulation

New in v1.2

  • Receive MIDI via MIDI ports
  • Define MIDI channels for input and output
  • Limit LFO-triggering to a single note optional
  • Snap-to-grid function in waveform editor

New in v1.1.1

  • OSX Lion Bugfixes
  • Audio Units now supported
  • Can now output MIDI via Physical and MIDI ports
  • BugFix for Ableton Live

Updated demo video:

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