MidiView MIDI Player
by Paul K. Warme
(Paul K. Warme Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 151K
License Conditions:

Free use for 30 days after which you must register if you continue using it. Registration Fee:US $25

System Requirements:

PC486+, sound card

Last Updated: 1997-09-27
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

MidiView makes it easy to play any MIDI file and also helps you understand and appreciate MIDI music. Unlike other MIDI player programs, MidiView displays notes in colors based on channel, instrument, track, note/key, or volume. While you listen, you can see every note played by every instrument. A bar graph shows the volume of each channel. You can expand or compress the time scale and note range as the music scrolls by. All embedded text (title, composer, author, instruments, etc.) is listed each time you open a MIDI file. Play any combination of channels while listing each note and/or event as text. Single step forward or backward, scroll the music to any position and resume playing with correct tempo and control settings. MidiView is both educational and enjoyable -- you can study the details of MIDI music or just listen and watch as the colorful music unfolds.

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