MidiYodi v3.0 for Mac
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Saving disabled, only three files may be examined

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Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 7

Last Updated: 2014-10-06
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Software Description

MidiYodi is a comprehensive application that allows editing, examination and playback of MIDI files.
MidiYodi is available on all major platforms including Windows, Mac and Unix.

MidiYodi contain an explorer gathering MIDI information summary from entire file collections and tools to edit and examine events and notes from individual tracks.

MidiYodi provides various tools to examine the layout and content of a MIDI file:

  • MIDI File Explorer scans entire folders for MIDI files and displays detailed information such as filetype, duration, number of tracks, etc.
  • Main Window displays rolled-out contents of a MIDI file including a measure bar and all its tracks. Each track displays its instrument and miniature notes. In addition meta lanes displays lyrics, markers, tempos, time- and key signatures.
  • Keyboard Examiner displays notes for a track in a keyboard like viewer.
  • Score Examiner displays notes for a track in a score like viewer.
  • Event Examiner displays all events for a track including position (beat, time and tick), category (meta, voice or system), type (note on/off, program change etc.) and value.

MidiYodi offers a rich set of tools to edit the content and structure of a MIDI file:

  • MIDI files can be converted from type 0 to type 1 and vice versa.
  • All or selected tracks can be saved as separate MIDI files.
  • Any MIDI event (meta, voice or system) can be added or updated.
  • Song can be transposed, have its tempos altered or have sections removed.
  • Tracks can have their name, instrument and volume changed or be removed.
  • Voice events can be moved from one channel to another.

MidiYodi offers several navigation and playback controls to start and stop playback in a tape recorder fashion, to play entire or a section of a song in repeat mode and to mute and solo track.

The Jukebox allows several MIDI files to be managed and saved in playlists. Each MIDI file can have its tempo, key and volume adjusted during playback.

Customization includes: Language, theme, startup file, MIDI output, Meta lane view

Changes in v3.0

  • Jukebox (playlist) introduced to manage sets of MIDI files to be played in sequence or loop.
  • Feature to save selected tracks in separate MIDI files.
  • Option to convert from filetype 1 to 0 or vice versa.
  • Karaoke lyrics and Text meta information lanes added to the Main window.
  • Meta information lanes added to the Score/Keyboard Examiners.
  • Shown meta information lanes customizable in the Preferences window.
  • Controller names prefixed with their corresponding controller number.
  • Auto explore option added to MIDI File Explorer.
  • Drag-n-drop added to Main window and Jukebox.
  • Keyboard shortcuts added to all windows.
  • Tempo change dialog moved to menubar.
  • Transposition GUI changed in menubar.
  • Measure width adjustment control added to Main window.
  • Size and position of Main window, MIDI File Explorer and Jukebox windows are saved.
  • Online documentation.
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