Midio 3.0
by Rose Harrison
(Rose Harrison Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 10 M
License Conditions:

Fully function and free but has hourly ad breaks

System Requirements:

Midio 3 requires a computer running Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows 98, with a Windows-compatible soundcard, Microsoft's Windows MediaPlayer, the Microsoft Speech Engine and associated TTS binary files.

Last Updated: 1999-04-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Midio 3 incorporates the latest speech synthesis technology. You can instruct it to back-announce songs, tell the time, remind you of appointments ... even tell jokes between the music. It's just like having your own radio station on your PC.

Midio will scan your computer system for audio files and lets you build your own radio station, complete with different on-air personalities, formats, talk breaks - even commercials.

A setup wizard makes it easy to get Midio 3 up and running. And once it's set up, Midio 3 schedules a continuous mix of music and talk, even avoiding artist and song title clashes if you ask it to. It will present continuously-varying programming, non-stop, without any need for maintenance.

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Why won't it download?

This programme won't download on my computer, does anyone know where else i can download it from, or if someone could e-mail it to me i would be very gratefull. My e-mail address is peterappleyard@cruggan.fsworld.co.uk

Need Info Sent:

Our radio stations is looking for a software like Audio Carts , Cartworks , Music 1 for windows that's affordable and looks like and plays like cart machines on the computer.
Send all demos to:
916-B Foley Street
Jackson Ms. 39202
Attn: Essie Riley GM/Alvin Payne

Also send info and demos to:
1018-A North Flowood Drive
Flowood Ms. 39208
Attn: Essie Riley GM/Alvin Payne

I wasn't able to download audio carts. Please send all demos to the addresses above and I'll get back to you if we feel the software is what the station is looking for and needs to go computer. Thank you. The A-Man


the install procedure?

Re: midio.3

Tienen el midio en español ?
Have you got the program in spanish?

Re: midio.3

: Tienen el midio en español ?
: Have you got the program in spanish?

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