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Inserts a demo message into completed mixes every few minutes and CD burning is limited to 10 uses. Registration: US$49.95

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Last Updated: 2009-02-12
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Software Description

MixMeister Express 6 is a powerful tool that you can use to create a professional-sounding mix from your music files with a minimum of effort. Express is used every day by dance music fans, party DJs, fitness instructors and choreographers who want to "let the computer do the hard parts" and make their own mix CD in minutes.


  • Create professional-quality mixes, with beat-mixed transitions between songs that sound great.
  • Make a song slower or faster to achieve the tempo you need, without changing pitch.
  • Trim long songs down to size or remix short songs to make them last longer.
  • Add one-click special effects for even more fun ways to blend songs together.
  • Create a full-length mix CD (up to 80 minutes), and export your DJ mix to your iPod or other portable audio player.

Blend your beats. One of secrets to creating a great mix CD is getting the overlap between songs just right. MixMeister Express greatly simplifies this process by automatically calculating how to beat mix between songs. You can use the one-click transition settings as a starting point for your creation, or, if you're a more advanced user, you'll be able to add your own tweaks and touches.

Pick up the pace. With MixMeister Express, it’s easy to make a song faster or slower to achieve the exact tempo you want. Whether you're creating a mix for a dance floor or a group fitness class, you can adjust the beats per minute to heat people up or cool them down.

Share your creation. If you're throwing a party, you can give MixMeister the job of spinning the tunes. You can even prepare some of the mix in advance, and change it on the fly. MixMeister Express also has integrated CD burning capabilities, so creating your own mix CD is a snap.

Take it with you.You can bring your mix along wherever you go, by exporting your creation to leading portable audio players, including iPod, Rio, iRiver, Creative Labs, Philips, Samsung, and other models which support playback or conversion of WMA files.

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Mixmeister 6

I've used this mixing software for over two years now and still find it amazing. Because the mixes are shown visually, the control you have for placement, length of mix, even looping and editing - I can't say enough. And for the price, it is the best software around. You can be as creative as you want - or simply let the software define / calculate an execute the mixes. And the beat mixing is PERFECT!!!

I can't save my mix info!!!

I'm using the trial version of mixmeister and i'm having fun making mixes, but when I close the program and open the file again the mix information is completely gone (which is frustrating and a waste of time). Does anyone know how to fix the problem or whether this is a limitation of the trial version? thanks for your help.
Dave H.

Re: I can't save my mix info!!!

Looks like it could be a demo restriction ... Bad luck dude!

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