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System Requirements:

OSX 10.4+

Last Updated: 2010-11-02
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Software Description

Takes the music you give it (drag/drop from iTunes or the finder), adds detected tempo and beats, and places it on a timeline’d workspace so your tracks now “snap to grid” along their beats and play in sync. Precisely in sync. Created mixes can be “one click” published to the Internet to be shared with friends or sent straight back to iTunes to be played on your mac, iPod or iPhone.

This isn’t a traditional DJ application, but you *can* play live with the added advantage of being able to prepare and audition your mixes ahead of when they are played. Finally, we have a series of video tutorials - a mere ten minutes covers the basics. Past that the application gets out of the way giving your creativity the tool it deserves.

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"This isn’t a traditional

"This isn’t a traditional DJ application" - no it's far better. "Traditional: DJ apps seems to be obsessed with stark trek interfaces to make you think you're playing to a crowd of thousands in New York, and forget functionality and usability. Mixtape has a simple clean interface to drag and drop tunes and the capability far above other DJ apps.

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