Mixed In Key 5.0
by Yakov, Mixed In Key LLC
(Yakov, Mixed In Key LLC Website)

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minimum of 256 MB RAM, more is recommended

Last Updated: 2011-10-05
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Software Description

Mixed In Key is a DJ mixing software for that uses Harmonic mixing.

Transitioning between tracks with different root keys can be daunting for the untrained ear. Mixed In Key simplifies this with a simple solution, "harmonic mixing". It means mixing one track to another track without the root keys clashing.

Mixed In Key will scan your tracks and songs and will label them based on their root keys, and it will show you which songs have compatible keys. Once you see the results you can then decide how you want and when you want the transitions to take place along with the order of transitions.

Finally when you have planned it out, you can turn up the volume and use your favorite DJ software with the Mixed In Keys easy integration feature.

The bottom line is, with careful planning and preparation, you can DJ non stop music with seamless and flawless transitions between tracks.

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New in v5.0

  • Built in Audio Player
  • New Key detection system
  • Camelot wheel for quick song browsing
  • Enhanced short sample analysis, useful for remixing
  • Now utilizes Multi-core processors for faster processing
  • Detects key changes within tracks
  • More file formats are supported

Check out the Mixed In Key Macintosh version.

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