Mr DJ Music Studio v2.8.1
by Gerry Mc Donnell
(Gerry Mc Donnell Website)

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File Size: 12.9 MB
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Nag Screens and limited features. Registration US$14.00

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Last Updated: 2008-11-17
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

  • Randomize Music Presets
    Save randomized paramaters for playing random music

  • Auto Genre
    Automatic detection of a files Genre

  • ID3 V1.1 Support
  • Moods;
    Fancy a song that suits the mood? How about some Romanic music or Happy Music maybe your feeling kinda Mellow.
    6 moods; Aggressive, Sad, Mellow, Romantic, UpBeat and Happy

  • Auto moods by Genre;
    Automatic Detection of a Songs mood by Genre and Artist Type.

  • New Randomizer mode;
    Pick Any number of random songs bases on the conditions you set.

  • MrDj Mp3Wrap;
    Now you can join your music into one file and split the tracks when you want back out.

  • Portable Device Support (*Requires USB compatable Device)
    Transfer your music to your Mp3 Player (Providing when Connected it shows up as a Drive in "My Computer")

  • Playlist Creation
    Automatic creation of playlists
    Create playlists at the touch of a button

  • Auto Playlist Updater
    Playlists are created automatically and updated automatically.

  • Duplicate Detection
    Find duplicate files in your library and delete them as needed.

  • Export Playlists
    Export to XML,Excel,Text File and web page and view & play your music library from a webpage.

  • ID3 Tag Fixing
    Rename files using ID3tag info
    Edit any Id3 Tag Field

  • CDDB Lookup
    Lookup your CD and get the artist and track listing

  • Fast Search Engine
    Search by Artist,Album,Track,Year,Genre,Mood,Rating.

  • Detection of New Files
    New files are automatically added to the music library

  • View your Music:
    by Artist,album,track,genre

  • Bookmarks
    bookmark your favorite artist,album,year or genre and pop pack later for easy playing.

  • CDDB Lookup:
    Look up your music CD on the CDDB (Via an internet Conection) and get the Album artist and track details in seconds.

  • CD Ripping & Encoding:
    Your music Cd's can be 'ripped' to the Mp3 format in seconds, depending on your PC Specfications you can 'rip' and encode your music CD in less than 5 Minutes! You can configure the encoding options from 56kps to 320 kps making sure you have full control over the quality and size of the Mp3 File.

  • Multiple User Support:
    Allows you to share the programs music library with other family members who log on to your PC. Each user can makr there own favourite tracks and play them while the program generates stats for each user.

  • Lyrics - Karaoke Mode:
    Ever wanted to sing a long to your favourite song? Now you can because the program now supports Lyrics, which means you can sing a long in real time to your favourite song. The program includes a Lyric Editor which allows you to adjust the lyrics to be displayed when you play a song. Lyrics use the .LRC format.

  • Statistics of your Most Played,Least Played, Highly Rated Tracks:
    You can easily view how many times youve played a track or who is the least played track as well as which song is the most rated track and least rated track allowing you to keep an eye on your favourite songs.

  • One-Click-Play:
    Create, play and save playlists in various formats; m3u and pls. all at the click of a button.

  • Export Playlists to Various Formats:
    You can also export a list of music files as a HTML Playlist,CSV,txt or .lst file. For usage in other applications and on the net.

  • Virtual Dj Export:
    Export your selected tracks to Virtual DJ

  • Multiple File Operations:
    Copy,move and delete any selected file(s).

  • Music Library:
    Supporting up to 8 different folders you can add music from one or more folder to the library and manage them as if they existed in the one folder. allow you the get on with listening to the music.

  • Winamp Support:
    You can play your music via the internal program player or by using winamp if installed on your pc. You can also export and import winamp bookmarks. Add any file to winamps active playlist.

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