MultitrackStudio 8.3
by Bremmers Audio Design
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File Size: 5.7 MB
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It can't handle more than 3 tracks. Professional Edition: US$69.00, Pro Plus Edition: US$119.00

System Requirements:

OS X 10.6 and up

Last Updated: 2016-07-04
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Software Description

MultitrackStudio is an multitrack mixer/recorder that can host VST plugins.

It has the functionality of a multitrack recorder, a mixer, a MIDI sequencer, and combines it with a number of built-in effects. It is designed to be a quick solution to turn your computer into a digital multitrack music recording studio.

Key Features:

  • Record new tracks while playing along with existing ones:
    - Audio (mono or stereo) and/or MIDI tracks.
    - Cycle recording: record multiple takes automatically.
    - Use the Varispeed control if your instrument's pitch differs from your song's (Pro Plus edition only) (more).
    - Record alternate takes with just one key press.

  • Mix the tracks:
    - Unlimited number of groups and effect send/returns supported.
    - Route Group or Effect Return sections to soundcard outputs (Pro Plus edition only).
    - Mixer / Effects automation (Pro Plus edition only).
    - Use Song Versions to store/recall mixes.

  • Enhance your mix with real-time effects:
    - Choose out of 19 high quality audio effects (more).
    - Use VST and DX plugins.
    - Add/move/remove effects on-the-fly.
    - Powerful effect sidechaining options (Pro Plus edition only).

  • Use MIDI to play instruments you can't play or don't own:
    - Use the disk-streaming Sampler (reads .GIG, .SF2 and .SFZ patches).
    - Use VSTi and DXi plugins.
    - Use external synths and/or your soundcard's synth.
    - Use the Wheel Organ or Electric Piano (included with Pro Plus edition).

  • Correct your mistakes:
    - Punch in/out recording.
    - Non-destructive audio editing.
    - MIDI pianoroll, notation, drum and controller editors.
    - Unlimited levels of undo.

  • Easy to use, no frustrations:
    - Well though out design.
    - Wizard to perform basic tasks.
    - Context sensitive help system: press the F1 key to get help on the item the mouse points to.
    - Fast and reliable.

Technical Details:

  • 32 bit audio processing.
  • HP-TPD dithering with or without noiseshaping.
  • 44.1/48 kHz samplerate (Pro Plus edition supports 88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz as well).
  • 16 bit audio files (Pro Plus edition supports 24/32 bit and 32 bit floating point as well).
  • Stereo soundcards supported using ASIO, WaveRT, MME or DirectSound drivers.
  • The Pro Plus edition supports multichannel recording (up to 64 channels, using ASIO driver).
  • Audio engine can utilise up to 8 CPUs.
  • Automation (Pro Plus edition only) is sample accurate, except for VST/DX plugins.

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New in v8.3

  • 'Tap tempo' boxes are more accurate.
  • Practice Mode Tracks option in Audio track input selector
  • Tempo editor: "Conduct" (tap new tempo for selected part). You can tap an accelerando for example.
  • Tempo editor: Ctrl key can be used to create a gradual tempo change (accelerando/decelerando) while moving the righthand side of the selected part.
  • Tempo editor now updates live while stretching or warping selected part.
  • Tempo / Time Signature editor buttons (Undo etc.) can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Auto Wah effect.
  • Punch recording with External MIDI Instruments: existing signal is now audible, just like it is with audio tracks and software instruments.
  • Tempo editor: Undoing a "tweakable edit" now undoes the last tweak only, rather than all tweaks. All other editors work this way already.
  • Tempo / Time Signature editor: lesser used buttons (Cut, Copy, Paste, Repeat etc.) are now in new 'More' menu.
  • 'Add Click Track': BPM value is no longer limited to whole numbers.
  • Various bug fixes.

New in v8.2

  • Guitar Amp effect now features 3 stompbox effects.
  • Guitar Amp now allows for loading your own speaker impulse response file.
  • Convolutor effect now has Random button to make reverbs sound smoother.
  • While the Automation button is engaged an 'A' appears on all controls which can be automated, so you can see what can be automated. (Pro edition)
  • Edit menu now features several options for opening Multi MIDI Editor and has similar options for the Multitrack Editor. (Pro edition)
  • Time Signature picker now allows for quickly picking any of the song's time signatures without having to type it.
  • Noisegate effect improved, with the Reduction knob now having immediate effect on sound.
  • Bugfix for Multiband Compressor compression algorithm
  • Bugfix for VST and AU automation sometimes not being stored in song file.

New in v8.1.3

  • The Bass, Snare and Side pads sound a bit louder in the top-left corner because they are typically played using the left hand.
  • Includes over 160 effect presets by Christian C. Thompson.
  • Onscreen keyboard: the volume slider can now be assigned to any controller (including pitch bend and note velocity).
  • Some minor graphics/layout improvements.
  • Mac: CPU Usage indicator now shows total CPU usage rather than just MultitrackStudio.
  • Bugfix for Mac: some VST plugins were only partially visible.
  • Bugfix for Song time signature/key signature info could change under some circumstances when importing a MIDI file.

New in v8.1.2

  • Touchscreen (Windows): pianoroll, drum and score editors now optionally feature handles for manipulating selected notes.
  • New "Handles for MIDI notes" option in the Preferences pane.
  • AU, VST and External MIDI instruments no longer solely rely on 'all notes off' MIDI messages to mute pending notes.
  • Exception errors while saving song are handled better to avoid data loss.
  • Bugfix for missing text from OS X user interface
  • Bugfix for multi-column rack VST/AU automation windows
  • Various other bugfixes

New in v8.1

  • Improved transport cycling
  • Numerous other improvements
  • Various bugfixes

New in v8.0

  • Pro Plus' edition is now called 'Pro', 'Professional' edition is now called 'Standard'.
  • Pro Edition has Multiband Compressor effect
  • Improved the sound of all instruments
  • New 'swing' options to quantize resolution box at the MIDI Editor
  • Note velocity editor now has 'draw' mode.
  • MIFI files can optionally be adjusted to song tempo.
  • Mixer sections can be moved vertically using trackpad/mousewheel 'anywhere' (no need to use the scroll bar).
  • Tracks can be switched to Practice Mode by doubleclicking the track's Play button.
  • Tracks can now be in Practice Mode regardless of instrument or effect windows being visible.
  • Having multiple tracks in practice mode simultaneously is now possible.
  • Soft-monitored audio tracks: level meter shows speaker symbol to indicate output clipping (the meter itself shows the input level).
  • Audio and MIDI files are now copied to song folder.
  • 'Import Audio/MIDI file' dialog now remembers folder.
  • New songs automatically have a Reverb effect in the first Effect Return section.
  • Presets can be imported/exported (see Preferences window).
  • Mac: 'Mix down to audio file' can now create .m4a file.
  • BPM lower limit lowered to 8 BPM, so there's more room for fermata.
  • External MIDI Instruments controllers are now being sent right from the start (it used to wait until a note was played).
  • Various other bugfixes and improvements

New in v7.81

  • Graphics updated to match OS X Yosemite.
  • Bugfix for some SoundFont Player issues.
  • Enhanced sf2 file compatibility.
  • Level meters now work smoother with some audio devices.

    New in v7.8

    • New Matrix Sampler
    • New 'Matrix' and 'Chords' onscreen keyboards.
    • Editor data shown on overview bar while scrolling an editor.
    • Audio input level fader appears at top of the main window when it's needed
    • Automation of volume fader/pan knob now supported by MIDI tracks using External MIDI Instruments(works for playback only). (Pro Plus edition).
    • Enable Mixer button is removed from Song Properties window.
    • Various other improvements and bugfixes

    New in v7.71

    • Bugfix for 'Mix down to audio file' feature when used with pure MIDI tracks

    New in v7.7

    • Drum editor improvements and bugfixes
    • Audio editor control chnages
    • Track Editor bugfixes
    • Pianoroll/score editor bugixes
    • Remote Control UI changes and bugfixes
    • Various other bugfixes
    • Details here

    New in v7.61

    • Can now import/export zipped songs.
    • Performance improvements in Guitar Amp (Pro Plus edition), Master Limiter, and EQ effects.
    • Tighter timing for MIDI input/output devices
    • Enhanced touchscreen support
    • Various bugfixes

    New in v7.6

    • Select Devices window detects USB audio/MIDI devices which are plugged in/out.
    • SoundFont Player (requires OS X 10.7 or newer).
    • Show all effects in a mixer section simultaneously (keep 'M' key down while clicking slot).
    • "Mix Down to Audio File" window: Channels box defaults to Mono if Master section's Mono button a engaged.
    • MIDI controller / automation editor selector list items have subtle green dot if the editor contains any dots.
    • MultitrackStudio Instruments: some sound improvements.
    • Song editor: gridsnap now also works while there are no MIDI tracks.
    • Some user interface improvements.
    • Various bugfixes

    New in v7.4

    • 'To Song (Hi)' control surface action to make 'To Song' work with more than 128 songs.
    • Automation Editor (Pro Plus) and Automated Fader windows can be resized vertically.
    • Score editor has 'Split in equal parts' option, just like pianoroll.
    • Tempo editor: tempo line is now updated while moving it vertically.
    • Editor Edit/Delete and Undo/Redo buttons have been swapped.
    • Score editor: '1'..'6' and dot buttons are replaced with a single dropdown list next to the '+' button.
    • Score/pianoroll editor: 'Merge Notes', 'Expand to Chord' and 'Split in equal parts' now appear in 'More...' button list.
    • Drag-and-drop: an image is visible while dragging an effect slot or mixer section etc.
    • Bugfix for Pianoroll editor making notes with zero duration

    New in v7.31

    • Bugfix for VSTi plugins which use transport information that wouldn't cycle.
    • Bugfix for crash when Unmuting a stereo track which contains an Echo
    • Bugfix for crash when editing a new file, clicking undo, starting transport and then clicking redo.
    • Bugfix for Songs that have exactly one group section that won't open correctly
    • Bugfix for issue with adding notes using the '1'..'5' mouse modifier keys.
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