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MundoBeat will play 3 digital WAV file sounds and comes bundled with 11sounds. Registration:US $17.00

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Last Updated: 2000-07-01
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Software Description

Mundo Beat is a real-time programmable digital audio metronome.


  • Custom rhythms can easily be programmed within minutes
  • Has a tap-tempo feature that lets you start the metronome quickly and easily
  • Plays WAV files so you get real sounds! This means you may attach any sound you like to any beat component
  • The background panel flashes when an accent beat is being played
  • Comes with pre-programmed world rhythms, including Bulerias
  • Rhythms can be programmed to start on any beat
  • Beats can be stepped through using the arrow keys
  • Can store as many rhythms as your disk can hold

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What happened to the Mundobeat handheld programmable metronome device? Is it still available somewhere? Or has it morphed solely into a Windows application?

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