Muon Atom Pro
by Muon Software Ltd
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This fully functional demo of the Atom Pro produces a short burst of noise every five seconds.

System Requirements:

PII300 processor, 64MB RAM, 16bit soundcard

Last Updated: 2001-03-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

The Muon Atom Pro is a serious enhancement of the original Atom. Although the patch architecture is the same, the sound quality, 12-voice polyphony and 3D graphical interface are a quantum leap forward.

The two 64-bit oscillators offer total analogue realism with little or no aliasing distortion, and the lowpass filter has all the resonance and warmth you expect from a Muon product. Huge, fat basses, rich pads and searing sweeps are only a mouse-click away with this little nuclear-powered synth!

The Atom Pro’s generous MIDI specification includes support for pitchbend, velocity and continuous controller messages. Direct recording of all “live” parameter changes is also supported in both Logic Audio and Cubase.

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Muon Atom Pro Demo


Assuming i havent screwed things up myself, this one makes a burst of static every couple of seconds, i guess
thats cause it's a demo.

I found this to be so annoying that for me it is impossible to evaluate the product.

Pehaps a better way to go at limiting the demo version would be to follow Bitheadz method of limiting the prog to
20 launches and no saving of presets,
rather than the static bursts which i found to be a pain in the butt.


Dj Homo Erectus

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