Mus2 1.0
by Data-Soft
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System Requirements:

DirectX 9.0-compatible audio interface

Last Updated: 2010-11-12
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Software Description

Mus2 is a music application for the notation of microtonal works and, specifically, Turkish maqam music. Unlike most other scorewriters, Mus2 allows the user to work in almost any tuning system with customizable accidentals and play back the score with accurate intonation. The application also boasts a clean, simplified interface.

The foremost feature of Mus2 is its ability to re-tune a staff to any tuning system using absolute frequencies, rationals and cents. Additionally, the user can import music symbols from graphics files and fonts for use as accidentals with arbitrary cent values. Microtonal support isn't limited to symbols; when a score using an alternative tuning system is played back, Mus2 performs the piece with correct intonation using acoustic and electronic instrument sound samples. The program can work with uncommon time signatures such as 7/6 and create tuplets with ratios such as 10:7.

Mus2 also features a simple, clear user interface and automatic layout. The notation tools in the program are presented in a tool strip which only shows the relevant options for the selected tool. When a notation symbol is placed on the score paper, its layout and position is automatically determined, usually with no need for manual adjustment by the user.

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