MusShell v3.1.1
by Roman M. Lipkin
(Roman M. Lipkin Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 11.3 MB
License Conditions:

Save and manage fragments disabled. You cannot save presentations. Registration: US$30.00

System Requirements:

15Mb HD free space, RAM 32Mb, Sound Card

Last Updated: 2005-03-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

A MusShell shell is a integrated combination of pictures, lyrics, and other information about a CD or about any other series of songs. A shell often houses its own copy of the music as well as the software for playing the music and for editing the shell itself.


  • Build original shells, suitable for burning onto CDs (complete with music).
  • Adapt CDs created by other music-collection software into shells without re-burning the CDs.
  • Link music that resides on a CD to pictures and information that reside on your fixed disk.
  • Organize shells into libraries by themes and subthemes.
  • Present your libraries in a special Music Explorer, where you can browse and can search by more
    than 50 predefined criteria, plus custom-defined search criteria of your own.

  • Incorporate information from the Internet-based CDDB music database and from a local FreeDB.
  • Browse and search in the local FreeDB.
  • Build a soft shell for an audio CD straight from FreeDB without needing the audio CD itself.
  • Add further information (such as pictures, lyrics, and even new music) to an existing shell at any time.
  • Copy full information about an album or song from one shell to another.
  • Export MP3 files, with meaningful filenames, to standard MP3 players.

New in this version

  • Bug fixes.
  • Live update feature added.
  • Using "Export" function, preparing the mp3 files for a portable MP3 player,
    there is a new possibility to export the .lrc files also.
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