Music Analyzer v4.00
by Ats Oka
(Ats Oka Website)

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Last Updated: 2004-06-26
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Music Analyzer is a multimedia player which has many functions for transcribing musical notes. When you transcribe specific phrase, you have to stop, rewind and restart a section again and again. Music Analyzer is useful to do such sequences.


  • Automatically repeat specific section
  • Manage multi repeat section
  • Expanding time without affection for its pitch
  • You can access to all functions by keyboard
  • You can freely assign these functions to specific key

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Can't work out how to use the cassettes. Can play an mp3 track, but have no way of time stretching etc... How do you use this thing?

No menus to help me time stretch.

Help Please.

Didn't run on Windows 7 64bit

The app just did nothing when I started it. The process shows up as running in Task Manager, but nothing happens.
Win 7 64bit operating system

Re: Didn't run on Windows 7 64bit

It could be possible that the software doesnt work on Windows 7

Expand time?

How do you expand time?


Couldn't get this to work. Don't waste your time.

Deleting program music analyzer

There is no uninstall and the program does not register in the uninstall programs list in control panel. Just delete the folder/files???

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