Music Publisher 5
by Braeburn Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 1.8 MB
License Conditions:

Unlimited use of this demonstration copy. Registration fee £115/$170.

System Requirements:

16MB RAM, 15MB disk space, sound card which plays Midi output

Last Updated: 2001-12-12
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

An upgrade of the celebrated Music Publisher 32, this program takes the capabilities further and now provides midi and sound output. It is extremely simple to use and provides musicians with a word-processor-like system.

Feature list:

  • Entry of notes direct from the keyboard by nameVery fastIncludes grace notes, beaming, staccato, dotting, tying, note length, cross-headed notes, acciaccatura (etc), rests
  • Automatic scrolling as you work
  • Variable stave size - from about 0.15" to 1" (4mm to 25mm), giving up to about 30 staves per A4/Letter page
  • Full range of system construction options
  • Four clefs (in 2 sizes each)
  • Curve tool for phrase marks
  • Symbol tool for adding any of over 140 occasional symbols such as fermata, trills, turns, mordents, figured bass, 8va, Ped, pianissimo
  • Block copying
  • Export of PCX file of either small area or full page
  • Full undo facility
  • 15 supplied Templates and the facility to add your own
  • Indenting of staves and systems: you can produce side-by-side systems for (eg) cantor and choir
  • Variable spacings for different types of work
  • Full set of barline styles
  • Justify and Compression tools
  • Text tool: use any of your installed Windows fonts
  • Hairpin tool for dynamic marks
  • Line tool for (eg) first and second-time bars
  • Drag-and drop editing Saving of partial file, merging of files
  • Transposing, including transposing of textual chord names
  • Headers and footers facility with optional page numbering etc
  • Automatic alignment mode for entering parts easily
  • Straight line drawing (eg first and second-time bars)
  • Playback and midi file production from a choice of 128 voices, up to 2 voices per stave
  • Support for single-line staves (for percussion etc)
  • Lyric Mode for faster entry and alignment of words
  • More note head shapes
  • Cue-sized (small) staves available
  • Wider range of editing and layout tools available

Scanning input is also available and offers a simple scan-transpose-print or scan-play cycle for example.

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International Music Engraving Company

Dear Sir/ Madame:

Warmest Greetings from the Philippines!

This is International Music Engraving Company, which has been in operation for 30 years now. As the company name implies itself, we are engage in engraving music pieces and we would like to offer you our services.

We do engravings using Score, Finale, and Sibelius programs. We are very consistent in producing high quality outputs and we always send it on time at a reasonable and low cost. we are also willing to give you free sample copies for you to evaluate our accuracy and quality of our outputs.

Thank you very much and I'm looking forward doing business with you.

More power!


(Sgd) Kee Bong Kim
International Music Engraving Company
7 navy Road Extension
2006 BaguioCity Philippines


When scanning a piece of music, some notes are left out!! Even on a simple hymn tune. Help!! Great programme otherwise. Peter

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