Music Studio Producer v1.25
by Frieve
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Operating System:
File Size: 10.3 MB
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System Requirements:

Minimum 64MB RAM, 40MB Disk Space, MIDI interface, Full-Duplex Sound Card

Last Updated: 2008-08-15
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Music Studio Producer is free MIDI sequencer, DAW which can host VST(i), supports ASIO. Music Studio Producer has a great number of functions for every music scene, such as composition, arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering.

MIDI sequencer
You can create music with various ways such as real-time recording, step recording and editing with just using a mouse! You can edit music just as you want by using four kinds of windows ; Track, Piano Roll, Score Roll, Event List and Mixer.

For example, you can mix an acoustic guitar and a vocal for MIDI data. Furthermore, you can use an effect for these sounds. Music Studio Independence has most functions for CD production ; multiplex recording, effect, mixture and mastering.

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Where is the download button?

Where is the download button? I clicked the "download 1" button and it kept taking me to a weird page!!!

Is this plug-in compatable?

I want to know if this thing is plug-in compatible?

Re: Is this plug-in compatable?

It can host VST or VSTi plugins!

Re: Where is the download button?

That weird page is the Music Studio Producer homepage, we arent allowed to link to the download directly so when you click on the link you are directed to the homepage which has the download link listed on it.

Control surface compatability?

Wondering if it can be used with a Zoom HD16 as control surface?

Can I ?

Can I record my music using intrumentals with this software and burn it to a CD ?

Clunky Interface, Good Recording

It took a little for me to figure this thing out. The interface in a word sucks. Just to test for latency(I just tried Krystal yesterday and the interface was nice, but the latency was ridiculous) I tried 3 track of my voice and everything sounded sweet. Also this prog allows 5 VST effects per track... not that I need them but it's nice they're there.

Recording vocals using Music Studio Producer/Independence

How do you record a vocal performance using Music Studio Producer/Independence ? And is there a manual?

Is this software free?

Is this software free?

How can i download it?

Is this software Free?

No it isnt and the download is misleading. It is "Shareware" and it costs $39.95 to register it in order to create anything over 1 minute long and has a open dialog box constantly staring you in the face saying buy me!

Music Studio Independence reclassified as Shareware

Thanks for the feedback - I see someone made a mistake by classifying it as free when in fact it is shareware. I have moved it into the shareware area now.

Re: Is this software free?

Yes it is free - You click the link above the screenshot that says "Download"


The d*** thing is SHAREWARE! $39
It is neither gratis nor libre.

Re: Free?

Music Studio Independence costs $39! Music Studio Producer is free!


Hi...I don't understand how to download..Please help

You click the link above the

You click the link above the screenshot that says "Download"

Need Help Setting Up Tracks!

Not sure if anyone will even read this, but I downloaded the program and figured out how to import audio and play one track at a time. But I want to be able to play multiple tracks at one time and I can't figure out how! There doesn't seem to be an easy way to have all the tracks armed and ready to play, in waveform mode. Any ideas??

Re: Need Help Setting Up Tracks!

:( Sorry I´v tryed too but i think we are not abel to do so, cause it´s to cheep program.I had difficultes to find out how to arm just one track. If you find out something please mail me

Why would you want to record more tracks at a time?

Why would you want to record more tracks at a time?
If you have mulitple line-ins on your comuter, I see it, but most recorders just record two tracks for stereo or one instrument in mono...
If you have the computer equipment to record multiple tracks at the same time, you probably would use another program anyway...

MIDI Yoke output device problem

When trying to send MIDI events from MSP to MIDI Yoke virtual output device, MSP hangs. I also tried LoopBe. This sometimes works, but often reports MIDI Feedback error even if I don't use any MIDI input port in MSP.
Has anybody experiences with cooperation of MSP and virtual MIDI devices? Any help appreciated.


The good reviews must be from the makers of the software. There are much better sequencers for midi and if you want to record live tracks, use Audacity.

Re: What??

Like what, for better sequencers?


I can't seem to find where to add a VST or effect chain, this seems to be only a MIDI sequencer. Can somebody verify this for me?

Audio not coming through?

Can anybody tell me why, when I connect my keyboard to my computer(Using a usb midi cable)no sound from my keyboard coming through? Do I need a audio/midi interface? Or should I do something else? (I am using the Music studio producer freeware). Thank you very much. Frank G.

Help with real-time recording?

Hi; When I try to record real-time sounds from my keyboard(using a usb midi cable), there is no sound coming through. Any body can Help Me Please?

No sound coming in the sequencer?

Anybody can help me? I have connected my keyboard(yamaha) to the computer via usb midi cable, and the info from the keyboard is coming in allright, but there is no sound coming in the msp122 software when I try to record. What do I need to do/Am I doing wrong? Please I appritiate any help.

Re: No sound coming in the sequencer?

I have tha same problem.

Any help gratefully received

Hello, for the life of me, I can't seem to get the thing to allow me to hear 'all' of the sounds I would like from my MIDI keyboard! I can't see the 'real' voices from the keyboard at all and when programming using the GM voice patch I just have to settle for what sounds best, rather than what I would really like, meaning the best voices can't seem to play at all. Tried loads of patches and all of the MIDI in/out configs without success. Any advice appreciated! Thanks.

Music Studio Producer

Excellent tool to rival many Pro packages!

Am impressed!

As a newbie, this is a great piece of software. Recorded my whole band, mixed and mastered a track within 48 hours! Very intuitive and have yet to need something it won't do that i want it to. If you're thinking of buying DAW software but are new to the game - try this. absolutely no problems in windows xp and the fans are listening to our music already!

Install problem

I have tried to install this on two machines, both running XP. After unzipping and trying to run the program, I get an error message which seems to indicate some missing dlls. Does anyone have any advice or help for this problem? I'd love to try the program out!

Re: Install problem

I had the same problem.

Re: Install problem

Hey. Me too. What's the deal with this thing?

Re: Install problem

I have the same problem with Windows XP Professional. I couldn't even find any help from his homepage... maybe I need to email him. Looks promising!

Here it is, two years later

Here it is, two years later and the problem still hasn't been addressed. I can't install it on XP either. This looked good, but it's not worth the trouble.

Can't install

After much trouble I've found that the problem with the install lies in this file - wall.bmp - delete this file from the unzipped folder, run the program. It will error to not finding the file wall.bmp but it will load after that. When you are in the program go to Setup/Configuration and click the View tab. Click the Clear button underneath the box which sits below Wallpaper. It will error this but close the error and close the program. Then open the program and it should open fine. That's just the beginning of the battle here though. Whoever said this program was "intuitive" doesn't know what that word means. I can't figure out how to load a plugin, edit events, or even get it to recognize my M-Audio Keystation. Thought this looked like the program I wanted to have...something that will allow me total freedom in terms of editing synth lines for my song projects as I'm not the best keyboard guy around but it's too effing difficult to understand how to do anything in any of the screens. Good luck if you're still coming here to see if there's a fix. Oh, btw, there is no users forum I can find that might get some experienced help and advice. I get's free and you're getting what you didn't pay for.

External Depacker!

Use an external depacker for the zip file!


What is an "external depacker"???

Don't choose "Extract All" for Musicstd, just "Run"

I got the same issue when opening Musicstd exe from the first zip file, then choosing "Extract All" and running the Exe of the new folder.
However I was able to get it working by choosing "Run" instead of "Extract All" when opening the Musicstd exe from the first zip folder. An error comes up but the program launches after u hit "Ok" :)

External Depacker 7-zip!

Actually that didn't really work, the program had a frozen initialization window and often crashed.
However after downloading and installing 7-zip freeware, I right-clicked on the zip file and used it to unpack. Then the program works normally! "External Depacker" :)

7-Zip is the way to go

You are correct sir! Way to figure this out!! MSP is a great multi-track midi recorder. Been using it for at least 5 years with little trouble, but forgot about external unzip...thanks for the reminder!!

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